No One Will Believe The $20 Bills You Printed At Home Are Real Money

Image courtesy of frankieleon

Your home printer might be truly awesome, but unless you’re trying to trick cashiers who have no concept of what real money looks like, you’re probably not going to fool anyone into thinking that the $20 bills produced in your home office are the real deal.

According to police, a Florida woman had not only been passing around fake money, but she’d been making it herself at home by printing out copies of $20 bills, reports The Gainseville Sun.

A Walmart employee spotted the five counterfeit $20 bills without too much trouble when the suspect handed them over on Jan. 14, the Lake City Police Department said. When the cashier questioned the woman about the funny money, she fled.

On Jan. 16, similar printed money showed up at a local Applebee’s, where a patron had left the bills to pay her tab. She also forgot her phone at the restaurant, allowing police to navigate her paper trail pretty darn easily.

Police contacted the phone’s owner and arranged to meet at a nearby hotel to return it. While there, an officer pulled the fake money out of a bag and asked her about it.

The woman “immediately became embarrassed and began to stammer as she spoke,” the police department said, and admitted using the money at Applebee’s.

Police later found “numerous counterfeit bills, along with blank paper and a printer” in a hotel room.

“It was determined that [the suspect] had not only been passing counterfeit bills, but that she had been producing them herself,” LCPD said.

Officers discovered marijuana and other drug paraphernalia, as well. The suspect was arrested on possession of counterfeit bills, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug equipment. The U.S. Secret Service is also looking into her case, said LCPD.

She’s also earned herself a spot in the “You Only Have Yourself To Blame” Hall Of Fame, where she has plenty of company:

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Speaking of uploading things, there was the time when a Disney cruise worker accused of stealing an iPhone unwittingly sent photos to the cloud of his adventures with the pilfered device.

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