Family Dollar Burglary Suspect Makes Things Easy By Falling Through Store’s Ceiling, Landing In Front of Cops

There’s getting caught redhanded, and then there’s dumping yourself into police custody all by yourself. A man suspected of trying to burgle a Family Dollar made his capture pretty darn easy on cops yesterday morning, after falling through the ceiling right in front of a police officer responding to the scene.

The accused burglar had apparently climbed a tree next to the building, then hopped onto the roof of Houston Family Dollar, reports

Police say he busted through the roof to make a hole into the ceiling so he could attempt to steal cigarettes, but instead fell through and landed smack in front of an officer responding to a report of a potential burglary. The cop then ordered him to stay where he’d already conveniently placed himself, and he was arrested.

It’s believed he was trying to sneak into the store to steal cigarettes.

Robber falls from ceiling into police custody []

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