Police: Suspected Thieves Tried To Sell Pawn Shop Owner His Own Stuff Back

Image courtesy of Alan Rappa

It’s not often that we see a perfect crime ouroboros, but when we do, it just feels like some kind of cosmic joke. To wit: two people were arrested this week for trying to sell stolen video game consoles and some other stuff back to the guy they’re accused of stealing them from.

Police in Clarksville, TN said on Facebook that a man and woman visited a local pawn store with a few things to sell on Tuesday (via The Leaf Chronicle), including two PlayStation consoles. The store’s owner realized that some of that stuff looked awfully familiar, and decided to head home to check on his belongings. You know, just in case.

Lo and behold, upon arriving home he found someone had broken into his house and stolen several things, including — you guessed it! — two PlayStation consoles and their controllers, as well as video games and DVDs. All told, the property was valued at $1,000.

The pawn shop owner called the police while the twosome were still in the store, and they were arrested soon after on charges of aggravated burglary.

Theft suspects tried to pawn items back to owner [The Leaf Chronicle]

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