Police: So A Man Breaks Into A Bar… (And Takes A Nap On The Kitchen Table)

I know, I know, I ruined the joke’s punchline. But that’s because it isn’t that great of a joke to begin with, it’s just ridiculous that someone would break into a business just to take a little snooze, as Pennsylvania State Police say one man did recently.

He might’ve been walking into a few other bars that night, as police say he appeared to be drunk, reports The Bradford Era, when they found him inside the closed bar.

At around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the owner of the bar called police to report someone loitering around the business. When police arrived, they found a man asleep on a table in the kitchen, peacefully dozing after allegedly having broken the bar’s front window to get in.

The 35-year-old sleepyhead was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing for breaking into a structure and public drunkenness.

How many times must we stress that the all the world isn’t your home, where you’re free to grab a snack in your skivvies, or get down in your bedroom or heck, take a No. 2 on the floor if you want. Some things are meant for the privacy of your own home. Get it together, people.

Drunken nap leads to criminal charges [The Bradford Era]

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