Bank Robber Scares Himself Silly By Shooting His Gun At The Ceiling, Flees Without Cash

It’s a bad day on the ol’ robbery job when you foil your own attempt to steal money. The FBI is on the lookout for a man who scared himself so badly while waiting for the money he was trying to rob, he fled the scene with nothing to show for it but a set of rattled nerves.

The New York Daily News says the man was caught on camera when he walked into an HSBC bank, pulled out a small silver pistol and demanded a teller give him cash.

While waiting for the teller to go about handing over the dough, seems Mr. Wannabe Bank Robber got bored, and fired off a shot into the ceiling, say cops. Everyone dropped to the ground, and the guy panicked and ran out of the bank.

He jumped into a black Lincoln Town car, which could’ve been driven by a cabbie who may have had no idea his passenger was a criminal.

“We are looking for livery drivers who may have been in the area to give us a call. We believe this could lead us to this dangerous suspect. Anytime a weapon is fired, the potential for injury and loss of life has to be taken seriously,” said FBI supervisory agent Barbara Daly.

The same man might have been behind another recent robbery, where he did manage to escape with some cash.

Long Island City bank robber panicked after he fired his gun at the ceiling [New York Daily News]

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