Police: Wendy’s Customer Trashed Restaurant Because She Was “Dissatisfied” With Her Order

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

It can no doubt be frustrating when you’re not happy with your fast food order, but taking out that anger by trashing the restaurant is not a productive way to deal with your emotions — and it’ll also get you in trouble with the police.

A Florida woman was arrested on Saturday night after police said she stormed into a Wendy’s restaurant angry over the food she’d just received in the drive-thru line, The Smoking Gun reports. According to the arrest report, the woman had argued with a Wendy’s manager while she was parked outside because she was “dissatisfied with the food ordered.”

The manager closed the drive-thru window during the alleged argument, at which point police say the woman got out of her car and “began verbally engaging the victim” inside the restaurant. Court filings accuse the customer of then “flipping and pushing items off the counter” and said she “deliberately splashed pink lemonade onto [the manager’s] face/chest area.”

The alleged tantrum caused about $100 damages to a display table and a metal iced tea dispenser, while cops noted that her outburst “disrupted diners and staff” at the restaurant.

She was arrested on charges of battery, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

Wendy’s Patron Busted After Having Beef [The Smoking Gun]

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