Man Falls Asleep At Wendy’s Drive Thru, Wakes Up To DUI And No Fries

Maybe he was just waiting for a fresh order of french fries? Or perhaps he was just too sloshed to remember that the local Wendy’s drive-thru wasn’t a hotel. Either way, we should probably just be happy he parked his car and didn’t ram it into the building three times.

A 38-year-old Utah man recently held up a Wendy’s drive-thru lane by taking an alcohol-induced cat nap, the Daily Herald reports.

Oh, you thought taking a nap at the drive-thru only happened at McDonald’s? Well, apparently drunk nappers don’t discriminate when it comes to fast food fare.

According to police records, employees at the Wendy’s called authorities to report a man, who allegedly smelled like alcohol, sleeping in his car at the drive-thru window. We’re not sure how peeved other customers were with the man, but they didn’t try to wake him. Instead, someone just took the keys out of his ignition, but they managed to leave the vehicle’s headlights on.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers woke the man and asked if he had been drinking, to which the man reportedly replied “yes, a little.”

Officers reported the man smelled of alcohol, stumbled out of the vehicle, had slurred speech, and droopy and bloodshot eyes. The man was unable to get though the instruction phase of the field sobriety tests, let alone actually perform any of the tests.

When officers searched the man’s vehicle they allegedly found an open bottle of liquor and an Arby’s cup containing a mixed drink of alcohol.

Officers also determined the man had previously been charged with multiple alcohol violations and a revoked driver’s license. He was also required to have an ignition interlock device, which was not found in the vehicle.

In all, the man didn’t even get a chance to satisfy his drunk cravings, but he was arrested for five alcohol and driving related violations, including suspicion of DUI, driving while revoked and having an open container in the vehicle.

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