Scammers Use Counterfeit Cash At Victoria’s Secret, Get Upset When They Get Their Fake Money Back As Refund

Image courtesy of Evan Jackson

The entire point of having counterfeit cash is to get it out of your hands by purchasing things or swapping it out with genuine legal tender. So it doesn’t help if you scam a store into accepting your faux bills and then get greedy by trying to con them a second time, only to end up with the counterfeit money you had in the first place.

Police in Fairfield, CT, say a couple of no-goodniks recently spent $780 in counterfeit cash at a Victoria’s Secret, but scamming the lingerie retailer out of undergarments apparently wasn’t enough.

No, these same folks returned the very same day to return the items they hadn’t actually paid for — effectively trying to turn fake money into intimate apparel and then into real cash.

Problem is, the bills the cashier gave back to the couple were from the same pile of funny money the scammers had handed the store just a few hours earlier.

Rather than learn a lesson — that you should probably wait at least a day to make sure the fake cash is out of circulation at the store — and admire the grim humor of their situation, the couple actually complained about receiving counterfeit cash.

That prompted the cashier to call the police, prompting the man and woman to make their exit while hopefully realizing that they are incredibly bad at their chosen profession.

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