If You're Going To Rob 85 Storage Units, Don't Leave Behind A Pizza Box With Your Address On It

We know — or rather, we assume — that breaking open and stealing items from more than 80 storage units is exhausting work that can leave even the stoutest criminal with a deep hunger. But you can’t let your rumbling stomach trick you into forgetting that the key to being a successful robber is to not get caught.

That appears to be what happened to a quartet of nogoodniks in Georgia, who saw that a local storage unit facility had been foreclosed on and left completely unguarded. That place might as well have had a “steal our stuff” sign on the outside, which is exactly what these folks stand accused of doing.

So how did they get caught? Well, it seems that while they were stealing truckloads of other people’s belongings, they left behind a little something in exchange: a pizza box with their home address on it.

When police went to the house listed on the box, they found it stuffed to the gills with items that had once been stowed in the busted-open storage units. There is so much stuff that victims of the theft are still waiting for the police to sort through it all.

Pizza box leads to arrest in warehouse robbery [AJC.com]

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