Police: KFC Worker Pulls Gun On Boss, Returns For Paycheck The Next Day

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

A dispute between an employee of a New Mexico KFC and his boss escalated to the point of pulling out weapons, but that didn’t stop the aggrieved worker from showing up the next day to collect his paycheck.

According to a report from Ruidoso News, a supervisor at the restaurant told a worker he wasn’t pulling his weight. He responded with some choice words, which led to an argument, and the worker chest-bumping his boss. And not in that fun way you might see in a bromantic comedy starring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

The supervisor shoved the worker back, sending him to the ground outside the restaurant. When he got back up, he allegedly had a knife in his hand, according to what the supervisor told police.

The fight continued, with the employee making his way to a car he’d been preparing to leave in with a coworker. He then allegedly pulled out a handgun and waved it at his boss.

The two workers drove off, but when they came back the next day to pick up their paychecks, police officers were there to greet them instead.

The worker who’d allegedly brandished the gun had an outstanding warrant, and if video surveillance supports his supervisor’s account of the incident, police planned to charge him with aggravated battery as well.

His fellow worker was arrested on charges of concealing identity and resisting, evading, or obstructing a peace officer, after he failed to give his name and follow officers’ instructions while they were trying to arrest his friend.

Employer-employee dispute at KFC turns extra crispy [Ruidoso News]

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