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New Macy’s CEO Tasked With Saving Company, Entire Idea Of Department Stores

Can department stores become relevant again? Figuring that out will be the job of the next CEO of Macy’s, Jeff Gennette. He currently serves as the company’s president, and will take over as CEO in early 2017. His job will be to get the company through a tough period as middle-class shoppers seem to be questioning the whole department store business model and hitting off-price and discount stores instead. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Reminder: You Have Until Tuesday To Use Your Sports Authority Gift Cards

If you still have a Sports Authority gift card lurking somewhere in your papers, it’s time to pull it out and spend it on some ski pants or a camping knife or something. As the company’s business winds down, the last day that its remaining stores and website will accept gift cards is Tuesday, June 28, 2016. [More]

Can You Remember What Happened This Week? Prove It!

James LeVeque

Another week has passed, and more events have occurred, some of which we’ll eventually forget about entirely or mangle into vague, hazily remembered recollections. But let’s focus on the here and now, and see what we can recall about the last few days, shall we? [More]


103,000 Minnesotans Will Need To Find New Health Insurance For Next Year

More than 100,000 Minnesota residents will have to hunt around for a new health insurance provider, after Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota announced it’s taking a step back from offering health plans to individuals and families in the state as of 2017. [More]

Three Flavors Of Raw Cat Food Recalled Over Listeria, Salmonella Contamination

Three Flavors Of Raw Cat Food Recalled Over Listeria, Salmonella Contamination

In general, it’s not a good idea to feed food potentially tainted with salmonella or listeria to anyone, let alone your favorite pets. That’s why Radagast Pet Food, makers of the Rad Cat line of raw cat foods, is recalling three of its flavors.

Pilot Who Failed Drug Test Can’t Try To Use DNA To Prove He Was Clean

Steven Depolo

Imagine you’re one of the many American workers subject to random tests for the presence of drugs or alcohol in your system, and a test turns up high levels of heroin and cocaine. If you contend that the lab must have mixed up your urine sample with someone else’s should you be able to demand a DNA test to prove your innocence? If you’re a pilot, the answer is no. [More]

Great Beyond

Illinois Rakes In More License Plate Renewal Fees Than Usual After Failing To Mail Reminders

Some Illinois residents are a bit ticked off right now, after the state reaped $5.24 million more this year than it did in 2015 from license plate renewal fees. That’s a lot of money — were people just really distracted or forgetful this year? Not quite. An impasse on the state budget meant officials didn’t have the cash to mail reminders out to drivers. [More]


Supreme Court Deadlock On Immigration Puts Immigrants At Increased Risk For Fraud, Deportation

Yesterday, a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court stymied the White House’s hopes to enact large-scale immigration reforms that would have allowed millions of immigrants to remain in the country. While this lack of a decision doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the program, it will inevitably create confusion for those directly affected by the case, while fostering a breeding ground for fraudsters seeking to take advantage of immigrants uncertain of their status.  [More]

Renee Rendler-Kaplan

Dunkin’ Donuts Manager Drops Tray Of Donuts On Floor, Puts Them Out For Sale Anyway

Eating any food not grown in your own garden and cooked yourself means putting a certain amount of trust in the people who prepare and handle your food. A former Dunkin’ Donuts employee leaked a video this week that shows another employee dropping a tray of donuts on the floor, then calmly putting them back on the tray and putting the tray out for sale. [More]


Converse Wins Trademark Battle Over Chuck Taylor’s Sole

As Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneakers have become as ubiquitous smartphones these days — heck, even your grandma might own a pair — parent company Nike has been trying block other retailers from cashing in on that popularity and selling copycat sneakers. The company just won one trademark battle over Chuck Taylor’s sole design, but is promising to keep fighting after an industry group said other aspects of the shoe’s style aren’t covered by the same protection. [More]

YouTube Will Add A Live-Streaming Feature To Its Mobile App As Expected

YouTube Will Add A Live-Streaming Feature To Its Mobile App As Expected

It’s not enough just to have a video service, technology companies these days are now falling all over themselves to deliver those videos live to social audiences. As predicted a few months back, YouTube will be the latest to join the live-streaming fray, with a new feature that will allow users to broadcast live from mobile devices. This way, everyone will get to see how funny your cat is in real time. [More]

Robot Pizza Company Wants To Be “Amazon Of Food”

Robot Pizza Company Wants To Be “Amazon Of Food”

A Silicon Valley startup created by a former video game executive is taking aim at Domino’s and Pizza Hut, promising to deliver mostly robot-made pizzas in a truck that cooks the pie en route to your house.  [More]

Ben Schumin

Walmart Trying To Cut Back On Calls To Cops By Offering Small-Time Shoplifters Chance To Reform

Police who work near any large retail store are probably all too familiar with responding to calls for shoppers caught trying to make off with a pack of socks or a pilfered Pepsi. A test program at Walmart aims to reduce these nuisance calls by giving small-time shoplifters a second chance. [More]

Apple Pulling The Plug On The Only Computer Monitor It Makes

Apple Pulling The Plug On The Only Computer Monitor It Makes

It looks like Apple is done with the standalone monitor business: the company confirmed it won’t make any more Thunderbolt Displays, so once the existing inventory is sold, that’s all there is. [More]

Wells Fargo Must Remove Signs Built To “Photo Bomb” New Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Wells Fargo Must Remove Signs Built To “Photo Bomb” New Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Our brief regional nightmare is over, after a federal court ordered Wells Fargo to take down two rooftop signs erected to cash in on the impending media coverage of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. [More]


You Might Be Able To Watch Some Netflix Content Offline By The End Of The Year

After a few months of wondering whether Netflix may usher in a new offline viewing era, reports are circulating now that say the feature could be launched by the end of the year. [More]


Judge Approves $27 Million Settlement In Lyft Class Action For California Drivers

The class action lawsuit filed on behalf of drivers against ride-hailing service Lyft is one legal step closer to resolution: the judge has approved the $27 million settlement, which is more than double the original $12.5 million proposal. Drivers in California for ride-hailing service Lyft will stay independent contractors, but at least they will receive cash settlements, and the service will change some policies that affect drivers. [More]


Advisory Panel Votes To Revoke Troubled College Accreditor’s Recognition

A week after staff with the Department of Education recommended the termination of federal recognition for the accrediting body that ignored red flags at failed for-profit educator Corinthian Colleges and allowed billions in federal aid to go to schools under investigation, the panel on the receiving end of that recommendation voted to sever ties with Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.  [More]