T-Mobile Offered To Forward Your Number To A Random Stranger’s Device Today

T-Mobile Offered To Forward Your Number To A Random Stranger’s Device Today

Today, T-Mobile announced a new feature that’s useful for users with multiple devices and multiple phone numbers: Digits, which lets customers link their numbers and devices to receive calls. There was a problem with beta signups for the service, though: it was showing people who tried to sign up other customers’ phone numbers. [More]

Playground Slide Recalled After Kids’ Fingers Amputated

Playground Slide Recalled After Kids’ Fingers Amputated

Park slides can provide immeasurable joy for children (and some adults). And aside from scorching your bare legs on a slide that has been sitting out in the sun, they aren’t supposed to result in any pain. Yet some playground slides are being recalled after two children lost their fingers. [More]


Delta Considering Bringing Free Meals Back To Coach

After years of airlines taking away perks that once used to be included in the price of a ticket, Delta, Delta Air Lines could be bringing back one of those amenities from the bygone travel era: free meals in coach. [More]

Attorney General Who Is Suing The EPA Picked By Trump To Head EPA

Attorney General Who Is Suing The EPA Picked By Trump To Head EPA

President-elect Trump’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency is Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who has strong ties to the energy industry, is an outspoken critic of climate change, clean energy efforts, and federal regulation in general, and who is currently involved in multi-state lawsuits against the very agency he may soon be put in charge of. [More]


Activists Emphasize Walmart’s Crime Problem In TV Ads Airing In 4 Cities

A number of Walmart stores around the country have been called out for being the epicenters of disproportionate levels of criminal activity and calls to the police. Now a union-backed labor advocacy group is using this information against the nation’s largest retailer in an TV ad campaign highlighting Walmart’s alleged high crime rates — and its cost to local taxpayers. [More]

Apple Support Site Now Includes Option To Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers

Apple Support Site Now Includes Option To Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers

When no one was paying attention, Apple updated its support site to include a new option for folks looking to get their iPhone or other Apple device fixed: The ability to schedule repairs with Apple Apple Authorized Service Providers. [More]

Court: NCAA Athletes Are Not Employees, Not Entitled To Minimum Wage


Even though collegiate athletes brings in untold fortunes for schools, TV networks, merchandise makers, ticket vendors, and the hospitality and travel industries, they are not — according to a federal appeals court — employees of their schools and are therefore not entitled to be paid anything. [More]

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GNC Agrees To Improve Efforts To Keep Illegal Dietary Supplements Out Of Its Stores

When you buy a dietary supplement, you never know quite what you’re getting, because supplement manufacturers don’t have to prove to the Food and Drug Administration that their products work — or are even safe — before putting them on the market. GNC, the world’s largest dietary supplement retailer, has now agreed to try to ramp up efforts to ensure that the products it sells are safe and legal. [More]


Fitbit Buying Smartwatch Maker Pebble’s Software, Hiring Engineers

Smartwatches and other wearables just haven’t caught on as much as the electronics industry assumed that they would. Pebble——a smartwatch company most famous for pre-selling its products on Kickstarter only to then make sure that Best Buy shoppers got their orders first——has confirmed that it is shutting down and selling off its various assets. You can now count Fitbit among the scavengers picking at Pebble’s bones. [More]


Apple Says iPhone Fires In China Are From “External Factors,” Not The Device

In the wake of Samsung’s massive, confusing recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices that could smoke, catch fire, and explode, consumers around the world are drawing attention to similar issues with other smartphones, including some battery fires with iPhones in China. However, Apple contends that these thermal incidents have nothing to do with the design of its signature phone. [More]

Audi Launches Red Light-Sensing Car Technology In Las Vegas

rich renomeron

Back in August, Audi announced that it was working on technology that would let cars communicate with traffic lights so drivers know when the lights will turn from red to green. The carmaker is now ready to roll that tech out onto real streets, starting in Las Vegas. [More]

AT&T CEO: Letting Us Buy Time Warner Will “Disrupt” TV, Be “Good For Consumers”

AT&T CEO: Letting Us Buy Time Warner Will “Disrupt” TV, Be “Good For Consumers”

When AT&T announced in October that it would spend $85 billion to acquire Time Warner, the plan was met with strong headwinds right out of the gate. A surprisingly broad array of lawmakers, from both sides of the political aisle, immediately voiced concerns. Among the concerned parties? The Senate Judiciary Committee, which today held a hearing examining the impact on competition, and potential antitrust concerns, the merger could raise. [More]

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Makers Of ‘As Seen On TV’ Products Sue Amazon Over “Rampant” Counterfeiting

Companies like Allstar Marketing, Ideavillage Products, and Ontel Products aren’t household names, but you probably recognize the names of their signature products: they’re the companies behind the Snuggie, Copper Fit compression apparel, and Veggetti spiral slicers. These three makers of as-seen-on-TV doodads have sued Amazon, claiming the e-commerce giant allows vendors to sell counterfeit versions of their products — and that those counterfeit items can be found in Amazon’s own warehouses. [More]

Uber Tracks You Even After Your Ride: Invasion Of Privacy Or Necessary?

Uber Tracks You Even After Your Ride: Invasion Of Privacy Or Necessary?

Obviously Uber needs your location to send a car to pick you up, and obviously the service tracks your location during the ride to make sure you get where you’re going. But why does Uber now continue to follow you for five minutes after your ride ends? [More]


McDonald’s Is Selling Waffle Fries This Holiday Season — But Only In Canada

Do you like waffle cut fries? Even though you can probably get them at just about every sports bar or diner in town, do you nonetheless have a craving to purchase them from McDonald’s? Then you had better plan a trip to the wintry north, because the fast food chain is only selling them in Canada this holiday season. [More]

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Banks Ask Congress To Alter Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Roll Back Pro-Consumer Regulations

While virtually all federal agencies will soon see a change in leadership when President-elect Trump enters the White House, the future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its Director remain in question. In an effort to work around those legal concerns, the banking industry has called on Congress to legally change the structure of the CFPB, and to roll back a number of the CFPB’s recent and pending regulations on banks and lenders. [More]

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Starbucks To Add 12,000 Cafes; Use Artificial Intelligence In Ordering App

If you were worried you wouldn’t be able to score your customary morning cup of coffee from Starbucks whilst traipsing around the world, worry not: The coffee giant unveiled plans to add 12,000 more stores globally by 2021. [More]