Walmart Cancels SNES Classic Preorders, Shrugs

Walmart Cancels SNES Classic Preorders, Shrugs

If the popularity of the NES Classic was any indication, this year’s SNES Classic, a mini Super Nintendo with pre-loaded games, will be a hit product well into the holiday season. Yet customers who thought they had placed pre-orders at Walmart learned that the device they were expecting won’t be coming. Their preorders were canceled. [More]

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Study: Happy People Buy Time Instead Of Stuff

They say money can’t buy you love — but can it buy happiness? That’s up for debate, but a new study says that using your funds to purchase time — something we all wish we had more of — can lead to increased happiness. [More]

Coke Zero Gets New Recipe, Changes Name To ‘Coke Zero Sugar’

Coke Zero Gets New Recipe, Changes Name To ‘Coke Zero Sugar’

Coca-Cola Zero — the drink of choice for people who want the low-calories of Diet Coke and something that tastes vaguely like Coke, but not quite — is getting an overhaul, with Coca-Cola announcing that the diet soda is being reformulated and re-introduced with the new branding of Coke Zero Sugar. [More]

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Investigation Shows Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak Probably Caused By Sick Employee

After its food safety crisis in 2015 and 2016, Chipotle implemented new procedures, including everything from blanching produce to shutting down and sanitizing a restaurant if anyone, employee or customer, vomits inside. The problem, it turns out, is that it doesn’t matter how good your protocols are if stores don’t actually follow them. [More]

First Attempt At Repeal-Only Of Obamacare Falls Short In Senate

First Attempt At Repeal-Only Of Obamacare Falls Short In Senate

After falling far short of the votes needed to move forward with its sweeping measure to repeal and replace large parts of the Affordable Care Act, the Senate took another vote this afternoon, this time on a bill that simply repeals key aspects of the ACA without including any replacement. [More]

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Papaya Lovers, Beware: There’s A Salmonella Outbreak Going Around

If you’ve bought some nice juicy papayas and are preparing to cut them up for your next snack, you’ll want to pay attention to this: There’s a salmonella outbreak linked to a certain brand of papayas — but the company that sells them isn’t sharing that information with customers. [More]

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Expect Airport Security Delays As TSA Starts Scanning Tablets Separately From Carry-On Bags

If you’re one of the many air travelers who uses a tablet to play games, watch videos, read, or do work while flying, be warned that your device will soon be subject to the same sort of security screening that has been given to laptop computers for years. And even if you’re not carrying a tablet in your bag, you should probably expect longer waits at airport checkpoints. [More]

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FTC Awards $25,000 Prize To App Designed To Make Your Stuff’s Security Suck Less

Your stuff may be increasingly “smart,” but the security on it almost certainly isn’t. If something of yours connects to the internet, it can be hacked — leaving your private data vulnerable, and potentially sweeping your stuff into an international criminal botnet. Now, the FTC is awarding a cash prize to a developer who’s designed an app to hopefully help you make your stuff more secure. [More]


Colorado Makes It Legal To Break Into A Hot Car To Save Kids, Pets

When there’s a living being stuck inside a hot car on a sweltering day, sometimes desperate measures are necessary — helpful bystanders may have to break into that vehicle to save a child left behind, or even a pet. One state has now made these kinds of rescue efforts legal. [More]

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Good News From The IRS: Tax Refund Identity Theft Is Way Down This Year

This tax season, you may remember Consumerist reminding you to file as early as possible, especially if you were expecting a refund or receiving certain tax credits aimed at lower-income Americans. New anti-fraud measures taken by the Internal Revenue Service and better awareness of the problem have apparently helped: The IRS reports that tax refund fraud has decreased. [More]

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Is Your Steak Really Done When Your Hand Says It Is?

When it comes to detaching when your steak is done, there are those among us who eschew meat thermometers in favor of using what’s known as the touch-test method. But does this form of culinary palm reading actually work? [More]

Amazon Holds National Job Fair, Looking For 50,000 Workers

Amazon Holds National Job Fair, Looking For 50,000 Workers

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon is so keen to fill 50,000 open jobs that it’s holding a series of job fairs across the country. Most of those jobs are in its warehouses and sortation centers, and the problem Amazon is encountering is that the labor market for people who work in warehouses is becoming very competitive. [More]

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Today In Streaming TV: PlayStation Vue Comes To Cable, Facebook TV Coming Soon, DirecTV Now Grows

It hasn’t been that long since the idea of being able to get all of your TV through the internet was still some far-off future. But by now, we get streaming TV news from the oldest of old-school companies, AT&T, and the new giants, like Facebook, all at once. So here’s what’s shaking in the world of streaming TV this week. [More]


After SCOTUS Ruling, Some Rush To Trademark Racially Charged Terms, Symbols

The same day that the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional for the Patent and Trademark Office to ban racially charged or offensive trademarks, some people jumped at the chance to get trademark protection on a variety of products — from apparel to beer — bearing brand names and symbols that range from highly questionable to inflammatory. [More]

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Nestle Building A Special Factory To Keep Japan Supplied With Wacky Kit Kat Flavors

While here in the United States we have stunt Oreos, in Japan the oddly flavored treat of choice are Kit Kats. The candies are so popular there that Nestle is building a new factory there that will do nothing but crank out Kit Kats. [More]

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Uber Is Charging Riders A $15 Fee In Some Cities To Have Drivers Return Their Lost Items

Realizing that you’ve left something precious in a hired car — a bag, a phone, a clarinet — is not a great feeling. But in order to turn that frown upside down and have your stuff returned to you, you’ll have to pay Uber $15 in some cities. [More]

Senate Votes Down Controversial Repeal, Replace Plan For Obamacare; More Proposals To Come

Glyn Lowe

Hours after the Senate needed Vice President Mike Pence to break a 50-50 tie to move forward with debate on healthcare, the GOP’s controversial repeal-and-replace plan has come up several votes short of being accepted. Yet this is far from the end for this matter. [More]


Additional Parts Of Obamacare Repeal Bill Break Senate Rules, Says Parliamentarian

The Senate Parliamentarian — the nonpartisan official who advises the upper chamber on the rules regarding legislative matters — has added to her previous list of concerns about the Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, raising new concerns about the GOP’s ability to pass the legislation in its current state. [More]