Uber Drivers Have Already Received $50 Million In Tips Through The App

After a parade of scandals and a campaign urging users to delete its app, the ride-hailing app Uber has implemented some changes that the company hopes will happier, including in-app tipping. Since that was added to the app, the company reports that drivers have already received $50 million in tips. [More]

If You Don’t Want AccuWeather Sharing Your Location Even When You’re Not Using It, Update Your App Now

We’ve all been there: You download a new app to your phone or tablet and are asked to share your location data — even when you’re not using the service. In most cases, you can say no and go about your day knowing that the app isn’t following your every move. But that’s apparently not the case with AccuWeather, as security researchers say the app is accessing users’ location data even when they turn off location services. [More]

Walmart, Google Partner Up On Voice-Activated Shopping To Take On Amazon

There’s a new kid moving onto Alexa’s block: Walmart and Google have decided to pair up to offer a slew of items through voice shopping by way of Google Assistant. [More]

Freight Train Delays Aren’t Endangering Supplies Of Pringles And Fries… Yet

There’s no need to worry yet, but it’s possible that service problems at the freight railroad CSX might endanger Pringles, McDonald’s French fries, and the production of other mundane objects that keep our economy running. [More]

Would You Video Chat With An Airline Customer Service Rep?

Sometimes you simply can’t get your frustration with an airline across simply by raising your voice talking to a customer service representative on the phone. Now you can look someone in the face via video conferencing — at least at Delta Air Lines.  [More]

Stealing Your Identity Can Be As Easy As Stealing Your Phone Number

You’re smart about online security, right? Sure! You use two-factor authentication on all your accounts, you don’t use dodgy WiFi, you make sure to put a passcode on your phone, and you keep it with you at all times, never out of your sight. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to protect you. Because it only takes one thing to hijack your whole digital life: Your ten-digit mobile number. [More]

Philadelphia Learns That Soda Tax May Be A Bad Long-Term School Funding Solution

Here’s the problem with “sin” taxes, like those on alcohol, tobacco, and fizzy beverages: You can use those taxes to raise money for a specific purpose, or to encourage citizens to consume less of the thing being taxed, but you can’t hope for both. That’s what Philadelphia has learned as its tax on sweetened beverages has failed to raise as much money as the city hoped. [More]

Kohl’s Revamping Stores, Cutting Down On Retail Space In Online Push

Your local Kohl’s could look a bit different later this year: The retailer plans to revamp stores by cutting down on retail space and moving its focus to online sales. [More]

More Than A Third Of Americans Have Been Unknowingly Enrolled In Auto-Pay Plans

If you’ve ever been surprised to find you’ve been automatically charged for a subscription or a service you don’t remember signing up for, you’re not alone: A new survey says that more than a third of Americans have been enrolled in autopay programs — for anything from a gym membership to a streaming service — without realizing it. [More]

3 Things We Learned About How Netflix Recommends Shows

You just finished watching (or re-watching) Breaking Bad on Netflix, what do you watch next? Perhaps, Switched At Birth? Wait, what? While you might not see the connection between a show about a high school chemistry teacher dabbling in the drug trade and a family drama about two teens switched at birth, the streaming service’s recommendation algorithm does — at least in the case of my viewing habits.  [More]

CDC: Backyard Chickens Mean Salmonella Outbreaks, So Wash Your Hands

In the last decade or so, raising backyard chickens has become a popular hobby. Maybe it’s due to a receession-era homesteading impulse, or people prioritizing really local food. However, live chickens and ducks have been linked to almost 1,000 known cases of Salmonella, which have sent hundreds of people to the hospital and killed one person. About one-third of those cases were in children under age 5. [More]

Same-Sex Couple Claims Server Told Them Sharing A Dessert “Wouldn’t Look Right”

Sharing a dessert with your dining companion is nothing new, but a same-sex couple in D.C. claims that when they asked their server for two spoons so they could split a sundae, they were told such a thing wouldn’t be possible, and doesn’t go with the “ambiance” of the restaurant. [More]

Great Wall Motors Not Actually That Interested In Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep After All

A day after Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors revealed its desire to buy Jeep from Fiat Chrysler, the manufacturer is backing away from the plan, noting that it hasn’t yet entered talks with the company.  [More]

FDA Sprout Study Finds Bacterial Contamination, But You Can Still Eat Sprouts

How do you keep contaminated food from reaching consumers? The Food and Drug Administration recently set out on a project to test fresh foods that are often the subject of recalls, hoping to learn how common bacterial contamination is and how to prevent these foods from making people sick. This week, it released its report on sprouts, a fresh salad topping that makes people sick surprisingly often. [More]

Panera’s Cups Will Now Tell You How Much Sugar Is In That Fountain Drink

Panera Bread’s health crusade continues apace this week: After launching a new “clean” beverage line and posting calorie and added sugars information for its drinks in its stores, Panera will be rolling out new cups that list nutritional information for every beverage it sells. [More]

IRS Warns Of Increase In W-2 Theft Scams

Tax time might still be months away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for possible scams: The Internal Revenue Service and FBI are warning consumers and businesses about an email scam targeting employee W-2 forms after seeing a 150% increase in incidents last year.  [More]

Verizon Changing Up Unlimited Data Plans Again, Begins Throttling Video For All Users

Verizon hopped (back) on the unlimited data train in February, joining all of its national competition in doing so. But six months later, as the dust has settled, those plans are getting some tweaks — and every Verizon Wireless customer is getting their video throttled as a result. [More]

Trump Administration Halts Study On Health Risks Associated With Coal Mining

A federal study examining the potential health risks of living near surface coal mining sites in Appalachia has been put on hold by the White House as it reviews its grant and agreements. [More]