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Four Things To Know About One Of The Largest Emergency Room Staffing Companies & Surprise Medical Bills

Opening your mailbox to a surprise bill of any kind isn’t typically a welcome experience. But when that bill is for thousands of dollars in medical care you once paid significantly less for, it’s even worse. Yet, that’s a scenario happening to more consumers as hospitals continue to contract out emergency room staffing, and one company appears to be driving the majority of costs.  [More]

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Foxconn Considering A $7 Billion Flat Panel Factory In The United States

Foxconn may not be a household name, but the odds are pretty good that you’re reading this post on a device that the company made or assembled under contract for companies like Acer, Dell, and Apple. The Taiwanese company does most of its manufacturing in mainland China, but is considering building a $7 billion factory somewhere in the United States. [More]


United Airlines Says It “Misunderstood” TSA About Non-Existent Ban On Comic Books

Now that the Transportation Security Administration has called shenanigans on United Airlines’ claim that folks leaving last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con could not stow their comics in their checked bags, the airline is admitting that it was wrong about this bizarre request being any sort of federal requirement. [More]


Okay, NOW What The Heck Is Going On With Senate Obamacare Replacement Bill?

Healthcare is the shambling zombie bill that simply will not stay dead. First the Senate was going to have a vote on a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act; then it wasn’t. Then the Senate was considering a new proposal; then it wasn’t. Now, there is a vote on a bill tentatively planned for tomorrow, July 25 — but if it seems like nobody actually knows what’s in it, or who supports it, or what’s going on, well, that’s because basically nobody does.

So here’s what we do know. [More]

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Don’t Use Social Media Behind The Wheel: 9 People Per Day Are Killed In Crashes Involving Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving comes in many forms, from talking on the phone, to messing with a navigation system, or posing for selfies on the latest social media app. Over the weekend, the latter distraction, combined with another dangerous driving hazard — drunk driving — to claim the life of a teen in California.  [More]

11 States Accuse Trump Administration Of Illegally Delaying Safety Regulations For Chemical Plants

11 States Accuse Trump Administration Of Illegally Delaying Safety Regulations For Chemical Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency recently decided to put a nearly two-year delay on new rules intended to reduce the number and damage resulting from accidents at U.S. chemical plants that can result in deadly explosions, fires, and the release of poisonous gas. But the attorneys general for 11 states say the Trump administration has overstepped its authority with this decision. [More]

Fewer Restaurants Serving Up Sugary Drinks On Kids’ Menus, But Most Still Do

Fewer Restaurants Serving Up Sugary Drinks On Kids’ Menus, But Most Still Do

American kids are eating out at fast-food and full-service restaurants more than ever, and that makes it even more important what restaurants are serving to them. A new study of restaurant offerings by the Center for Science in the Public Interest shows that while they’re not as common as they were in the past, meals that include soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages are still common. [More]


Wells Fargo Accidentally Handed Over A Bunch Of Confidential Info On Its Rich Clients

After having a heckuva time dealing with backlash over its recent fake accounts fiasco, Wells Fargo has another debacle on its hands: A new report says a lawyer for the bank accidentally released a whole lot of confidential information about tens of thousands of its richest clients. [More]


Don’t Strip Consumers Of Their Right To A Day In Court, Say Advocates, Senators

Last week, bank-backed lawmakers revealed their plans to pass fast-track legislation that would undo the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recently finalized rules that prevent banks and other financial institutions from stripping customers of their constitutional right to a day in court. Now, consumer advocates are urging the rejection of the legislation, expected to be voted on this week.  [More]

Sally Hansen And Revlon Fighting Over The Essential Nature Of A Gel Manicure

Sally Hansen And Revlon Fighting Over The Essential Nature Of A Gel Manicure

Gel nail polish is a product mostly available at salons that lets you keep a shiny-looking manicure for weeks on end. Companies that market nail polish to home users have tried to create long-lasting products that wear for weeks, too, but an ad watchdog has determined that the Sally Hansen brand is making claims that go too far. [More]


Feds Stop Using Kaspersky Antivirus Over Reported Russian Connection; States May Stick With It

Having an antivirus program and malware prevention suite on your computer is a good idea. A great idea, in fact. Everyone should have one, especially businesses and government agencies. But now one security company, Kaspersky Lab, is under fire for its Russian connections — leaving local, state, and federal agencies figuring out what to do next. [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Lender Targeting Navajo Nation Deceived Customers On True Cost Of Tax Refund Anticipation-Like Loans

Nearly four years after tax refund anticipation loans were all but removed from tax preparation offices, similar costly financial products continue to be offered to many low-income consumers in need of a cash infusion before their tax refund actually hits the bank. This appears to be the case for a loan company accused of providing thousands of refund anticipation-like loans with hidden fees to people living in and around the Navajo Nation.  [More]



TSA Says It Did Not Ban Comic Books From Checked Bags On Flights Leaving Comic-Con

The thing about a major comic book convention like Comic-Con? People are probably going to buy stuff, including comic books, likely in large quantities. But some travelers leaving San Diego after this past weekend’s Comic-Con International were confused by signs informing them that comic books are not allowed in checked baggage. However, that’s just not true. [More]


Microsoft May Soon Kill Off Paint Program After 32 Years Of Pixelated Art

Anyone who used a PC in the ’80s or ’90s surely knows the feeling of triumph that came with creating art using Microsoft Paint. Though, of course, calling it “art” when you doodle your brother’s face and scrawl the words “poop 4 brains” on it is somewhat debatable. Prepare then, to feel the sting of loss over the news that Microsoft will likely be killing off Paint after 32 years. [More]


Frontier, American & Delta Fined $850,000 For Involuntary Bumping, Damaged Bag Violations, Delayed Refunds

Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after the Department of Transportation found the carriers violated consumer protection rules related to refunds, disability assistance, and other issues.  [More]

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Squirrels Don’t Usually Have Rabies, But Here’s What To Do If You Are Bitten

Brooklyn has been gripped with the news of an aggressive, possibly rabid squirrel on the loose in a major park, attacking locals and prompting concerns of infection. So what do you do if you’ve been bitten? [More]

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled Due To Defective Cans

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled Due To Defective Cans

Before you crack open a can of baked beans for your next backyard cookout, you should check to make sure they’re not included in a recent recall by Bush’s prompted by defective cans. [More]

Senate Parliamentarian Says GOP Obamacare Replacement Goes Too Far, Rules Against Planned Parenthood Defunding

Michael Kappel

As you may be aware, the Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is being pushed through Congress as a budget resolution, meaning it only needs a simple majority in the Senate (as opposed to 60 votes) to pass. However, budget resolutions are also very limited in what they can do, and today the Senate Parliamentarian issued her opinion that several key measures of the Senate replacement bill go beyond the scope of what’s allowed. [More]