Man Asleep In McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lane Probably Just Didn’t Want To Miss Breakfast

Any night owl knows what a challenge it can be staying up late doing this that and the other thing, only to awaken at 10:27 the next morning craving McDonald’s breakfast. It’s a mad dash to the drive-thru at that point, a hectic ordeal we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Maybe that’s why a guy was found slumbering sweetly in the Mickey D’s drive-thru lane — perhaps he was just getting in line for breakfast so as not to miss it?

It’s all conjecture at this point, but what other explanation could there possibly be for police finding a New York man asleep behind the wheel of a car in the wee hours of the morning? Oh, drinking, that could maybe prompt an early morning nap.

The Associated Press says state troopers arrived on the scene to find the 32-year-old driver fast asleep, with the car’s engine running. He got what was probably not a fun wake-up call and was treated to sobriety tests, which he failed, and no Egg McMuffins, we can only assume.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated after scoring a blood alcohol content of 0.14%.

Lest you think this is something only non-NFL players can be accused of, it’s not! Minnesota Vikings fullback Jerome Felton was arrested under very similar circumstances back in June, ESPN reported at that time.

New York Man Falls Asleep in Drive-Thru, Gets DWI [Associated Press]

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