Failed Walmart Robber Unfortunate Enough To Get Hit By His Own Getaway Vehicle

Some people just aren’t very good at getting away with crimes, which is perhaps where the phrase “crime doesn’t pay” comes from, eh? Case in point: A man from New York failed in his alleged attempt to rob a Virginia Walmart, and then had the misfortune to get dinged up by his own getaway truck.

According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s police report, the man was trying to leave the store with jeans and earbud headphones when employees caught him and took the items back. They called the cops as the guy made a run for it.

He apparently got into the driver’s side of a waiting pickup truck with a man from Florida in the passenger’s seat, and started to drive away. His luck went sour again when the truck’s muffler “dislodged,” says the report, so he pulled behind a store, stopped the vehicle and got out to fix it.

The other man hopped into the driver’s seat “and drove the truck forward at the request of the New Yorker and struck him.” The injured man got back in the car and the twosome drove away again, but then had to stop and call for medical assistance. The alleged would-be robber is in the hospital in serious condition, say cops.

The driver was charged with reckless driving, but Walmart has declined to prosecute the other man, say cops. Perhaps because he’s been punished enough.

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