Bargain-Hunting Beavers: 17 Times Animals Went Shopping In Human Stores

Image courtesy of St. Mary’s Sheriff

Does it make you giggle to think about a beaver going Christmas shopping at a dollar store? If so, you’ll be even more tickled to know this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an animal waltzing into a human business like it belonged there. Heck, this isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about a beaver doing that.

Witnesses at a dollar store in Charlotte Hall, MD said they saw a beaver perusing the Christmas decorations aisle on Monday, WJLA reports. Police were called when the beaver reportedly caused property damage to the store.

The busy beaver tried to flee when the wonderfully-named Corporal Yingling arrived on the scene, but was safely apprehended by Animal Control and eventually released to a wildlife rehabilitator. St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office said. We do hope he was released with a new name in honor of that police officer, because Corporal Yingling is just a fantastic name.

That makes one beaver at the No. 1 spot, but we’ve got 16 other tales we can tell about animals who showed up at the store, a restaurant, the hotel lobby, or even the local (human) water hole.

2. A hungry sea lion pup who waddled into a fancy San Diego restaurant and seated herself in a booth.

3. The coyote who got stuck in Kohl’s entrance and wasn’t even allowed to use his Kohl’s cash.

4. Another beaver, this time, one that wandered into a Lowe’s store and apparently didn’t find anything useful to beavers.

5. The stressed out badger that prevented staff and guests from leaving a luxury hotel.

6. A deer that went on a window-breaking rampage at a Subway restaurant before moving on to visit an auto repair center.

7. Another deer that went buck wild in a furniture store and then let himself out the back door.

8. The bear cub who took a solo stroll down the aisles of a Rite Aid.

9. The dangerous crocodile that was left behind at a strip mall and ended up stopping by TJ Maxx.

10. A deer that walked into a frozen yogurt shop and did $5,000 in damage without ordering a darn thing.

11. The time 50 ducks walked into a CVS.

12. A bear who behaved better than most unwanted bar guests when asked to leave an Alaskan drinking establishment.bearatbar

13. Three deer who walked into a Kohl’s store way too early for Black Friday sales one November in Iowa.

14. A bear who broke into a Colorado candy shop and proved to be a very careful marauder.

15. A young brown bear that took a trip to a mall to visit Sears, and was later joined by a bear friend who stopped by the Olive Garden nearby.

16. Yet another bear, this time, one who walked into a Wisconsin grocery store and chilled out in the beer department.

17. And we will never forget the silly underage mountain lion who apparently didn’t know that casinos are only for adult humans.

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