Bear Who Ripped Bumper Off Doughnut Delivery Car Is All Of Us

Image courtesy of Moose Watch Cafe

If you’ve ever felt so hungry and angry at the same time — otherwise known as “hangry” — that you will do just about anything to get your hands on something to eat, perhaps you can commiserate with a bear in Colorado that ripped the bumper off a doughnut delivery vehicle in his desperate hunt for a treat.

The owners of the Moose Watch Cafe in Steamboat Springs, CO, shared photos of what the hungry bear did to the car they use to make wholesale doughnut deliveries this week, showing just how determined Yogi’s cousin was in his time of need.

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“Donuts so good it turns bear to a life of crime… the smell was just too good to resist!” the cafe’s post reads:

There were no doughnuts in the car at the time, but if you’re thinking that maybe the bear was just grumpy in general or had a fight with its spouse and felt like letting off some steam, well, you’re probably wrong.

“It always reeks of doughnuts in there,” one of the owners told Steamboat Today.

A police officer on the scene confirmed the redolent doughnut odor emanating from the vehicle, joking, “I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it’s us.”

Bear, wherever you are, we want you to know: We feel you.

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