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Charges Re-Filed Against Restaurant Owners Accused Of Dumpster-Diving For Deer Heads

Preventing food waste is good, but not to the point of dumpster-diving for deer brains at a wild game butcher. The former owners of a Chinese restaurant in Pennsylvania are accused of dealing in illegal deer meat, at least some of which came from the trash at butchers that process deer for hunters. [More]


Congratulations, Oregon: You Can Now Harvest Some Roadkill For Food

Get the shovel ready and the recipe cards out, Oregonians, because your state has just made it legal to for you to salvage roadkill and eat it. [More]

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Walmart Customer Tackles, Frees Deer From Pet Food Aisle

Every once in a while we hear of a wild animal heeding the call to be more human-like by wandering into an establishment that is markedly not for them — from bargain hunting beavers to a seal pup taking a booth at a restaurant. The latest case of animals going not-wild comes from Minnesota, where a deer decided to do some sampling in the pet food aisle of a local Walmart. [More]

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Bargain-Hunting Beavers: 17 Times Animals Went Shopping In Human Stores

Does it make you giggle to think about a beaver going Christmas shopping at a dollar store? If so, you’ll be even more tickled to know this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an animal waltzing into a human business like it belonged there. Heck, this isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about a beaver doing that. [More]

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Wisconsin Officials: Letter Warning Residents That Lawn Ornaments May Be Included In State Deer Tally Is Fake

In yet another instance proving you should not believe everything you read on Facebook, Wisconsin wildlife officials are trying to put the kibosh on a recent hoax letter making the rounds online, instructing people to make sure they remove deer lawn ornaments so they won’t be accidentally included in the state’s tally. [More]


5 Things We Learned Today About What It’s Like To Gather And Eat Roadkill

Though the idea of eating something that’s been run over by a car and left on the side of the road might turn even some of the strongest of stomaches, the fact remains that there’s a lot of meat at stake, and there are those out there who are more than willing to pick up what others might not want and turn it into a tasty stew. But while you might be imagining a clumsy shovel and buzzing fly situation, in reality, says one avid roadkill aficionado, it’s a lot different. [More]


Deer Goes On Rampage Breaking Windows At Subway, Visiting Auto Repair Center

A deer’s lack of opposable thumbs led him to take a different route while trying to obtain a foot-long from a Pennsylvania Subway: jumping through the window. But things didn’t end there, the wild animal continued his rampage down the street at an auto repair shop. [More]

Deer Goes Buck Wild After Breaking Into Furniture Store, Lets Himself Out Back Door

Deer Goes Buck Wild After Breaking Into Furniture Store, Lets Himself Out Back Door

Say what you want about wild creatures, but there must be some kind of higher understanding going on that allows members of the animal kingdom to know how to act so as to fall perfectly into pun-ready headlines. How else would a male deer know to wreak havoc in a furniture store, effectively going “buck wild”? It’s just too easy. [More]

(Oregon State Police)

Potato Truck Overturns On Oregon Highway, Creates Massive Hash Brown

The driver of the tractor-trailer that crashed this morning on a highway in Oregon says that he swerved to miss a deer. He lost control of the truck, which rolled over, spilling its cargo on the shoulder. Its cargo of delicious red potatoes. [More]

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Reminder: It’s Impolite To Shoot A Deer With An Arrow At Your Local Car Dealership

So you’re at the car dealership perusing vehicles and mulling the difference between Space Ghost Gray and Ghost Rider Gray when fwiiiiiiip! — an arrow zings past and takes down a nearby deer. What an awfully rude customer, you might think. And you’d be right, one car dealership was none too happy when a guy allegedly shot a deer with a bow and arrow on the premises. [More]


Deer In Liquor Store Makes A $3,000 Mess That He Probably Won’t Even Pay For

It’s rude enough for a deer to make a big mess and break bottles in a liquor store, where it definitely should not be hanging out, but it’s even worse when it leaves without paying. Except that deer shouldn’t even be in stores for humans and also, they don’t use money. [More]


Deer Doesn’t Let Bothersome Doors Keep It From Shopping In Thrift Store

There are often some great deals to be scored at your local thrift shop, but what if you didn’t possess the anatomy you need to open the door to go inside? There’s no reason to be frustrated, deer friends, just bust through the window like a buck did in Alabama this week. He needed that $0.25 soft, retro T-shirt soooo bad. [More]

Deer Wanders Into Frozen Yogurt Shop, Does $5,000 In Damage

Deer Wanders Into Frozen Yogurt Shop, Does $5,000 In Damage

Frozen yogurt is currently quite trendy, but we didn’t know that word had spread to wildlife. Yet a deer psuhed through the swinging door of a Peachwave shop in New Jersey last month and had an exciting romp, doing $5,000 in damage to the shop as it freaked out that its hooves couldn’t get any traction on the shiny floor. [More]

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Walmart Hunter Gets Probation For Shooting Deer In Parking Lot

Because it is very not legal to go hunting for deer (or any animal, really) in the crowded parking lot of a Walmart, the man who shot one last March has had his hat handed to him by way of probation. The Indiana man avoided trial on charges of reckless endangerment, killing or taking big game unlawfully, failing to have a hunting license, discharging a weapon across a highway, discharging a weapon in a safety zone and using a motor vehicle to hunt illegally. [Tribune-Live] [More]


English Grocery Store Offers Venison Special: Severed Deer Head At Checkout

You can encounter the weirdest stuff at the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, but you probably haven’t seen anything weirder than what turned up in the self-checkout aisle of one of UK grocer Tesco’s stores at 1:30 in the morning: the severed head of a deer. [More]

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Three Deer Walk Into A Kohl’s Department Store Way Too Early For Black Friday Sales

If only these three four-legged members of the animal kingdom were reindeer, this might make a bit more sense: A doe and two of her fawns recently wandered into a Kohl’s department store in Iowa, simply by sauntering through the automatic doors. No word on whether they were just too early for Black Friday or what. [More]

State Farm Will Believe You Hit A Deer When You Serve Them Venison Steaks

State Farm Will Believe You Hit A Deer When You Serve Them Venison Steaks

Sean hit a deer with his car a few weeks ago. We believe him, but his insurer, State Farm, doesn’t. It’s not like the deer, which disappeared into the woods, is going to stop by his agent’s office and testify. So they were going to use his collision coverage, which would result in an increase in his premiums or even cancellation for daring to use the comprehensive policy that he was paying for. But Sean is a lawyer, and he fought back. [More]

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Is Unsurprisingly Useless And Full Of Lies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Is Unsurprisingly Useless And Full Of Lies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car failed reader Jimmy in every possible way, which is quite the accomplishment since he only wanted a full size car to drive around his visiting friends. GEICO, Jimmy’s insurance company, set him up with Enterprise after he lost a head-on collision with a deer. Enterprise managed to muck up nearly every step of the rental process, promising to deliver cars they didn’t have, delivering the wrong class of car, and upselling unnecessary insurance that they wrongly said GEICO would cover. Jimmy’s never going to use Enterprise again, and inside, you’ll see why…