Lone Bear Cub Seals His Fate To Forever Live Among Humans After Strolling Through Rite Aid

Listen, denizens of the animal kingdom: I know it looks like we humans have got it made, what with large roofed structures filled with food and other sundries a wild creature might want to get into. But beware, little bears, because once you stroll through a Rite Aid, you can never go back to the wild.

A lone bear cub was spotted hanging out around Ashland, OR, reports KGW.com, visiting a hotel first.

That proved uninteresting to our protagonist, who hopped out a window and headed across the street to check out the Rite Aid.

Once in the store, shoppers snapped pics of his wanderings, as he walked the aisles solo, until police were able to scoop him up in a shopping basket.

His mother wasn’t spotted nearby, and it’s doubtful she’d take him back now that he’s got the stink of humans on him. Je’s now in the care of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who will keep him until he can be moved to a rehab center or zoo.

Hope that trip to Rite Aid was worth it, buddy — he’ll never return to roaming in the wild, due to his sojourn into the world of humans.

Bear cub ventures into Rite Aid store in Ashland [KGW.com]

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