Deer Goes Buck Wild After Breaking Into Furniture Store, Lets Himself Out Back Door

Say what you want about wild creatures, but there must be some kind of higher understanding going on that allows members of the animal kingdom to know how to act so as to fall perfectly into pun-ready headlines. How else would a male deer know to wreak havoc in a furniture store, effectively going “buck wild”? It’s just too easy.

Showing that our furry co-residents of this great big ball we call home must know about wordplay, a deer broke through the front glass window of a furniture store in Cedar Falls, IA, reports

Dashing through the store, the deer eluded capture in the sofa department before jumping on a bed or two and heading for the store’s back office.

Store workers got out of its way, with one saying she could smell the animal’s breath as it darted around.

The buck, after going wild, managed to make his way to the back of the store and let itself out by using its antlers to push open the rear entrance.

No one inside the store was hurt other than the deer, which was bleeding after its altercation with the window.

The store remained open for business on Saturday after the hullabaloo.

Deer breaks into furniture store []

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