“Stressed Out” Badger Prevents Staff And Guests From Entering, Leaving Luxury Hotel

Guests and staff at a luxury hotel in Stockholm found themselves at the whim of one erratic badger, whose aggressive stance kept anyone from either entering or leaving the place for some time this morning. Want to pick up your bags or go through those revolving doors? Nope. Much like his honey-loving cousin, hotel badger does not care what you want.

“A crazy or stressed-out badger is preventing the staff and clients at a major hotel from leaving their cars, and from picking up their bags,” the Stockholm police website said, via The Local.

Things got serious at the Radisson Blu around five a.m., when the badger decided no one was doing anything whatsoever involving those front doors on his watch, which lasted for 40 minutes until police decided to get involved.

“The stressed animal was refusing to leave the place. So the police called in the local wildlife services to settle the problem,” the police statement said.

By the time wildlife services arrived, however, the badger had somehow calmed itself down enough to leave the premises before it could be caught.

Badger puts Stockholm hotel in lockdown [The Local]

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