Deer Wanders Into Frozen Yogurt Shop, Does $5,000 In Damage

ohdeerFrozen yogurt is currently quite trendy, but we didn’t know that word had spread to wildlife. Yet a deer psuhed through the swinging door of a Peachwave shop in New Jersey last month and had an exciting romp, doing $5,000 in damage to the shop as it freaked out that its hooves couldn’t get any traction on the shiny floor.

Of course, the world didn’t hear about this incident until the owner’s son decided to set the footage to “Benny Hill” music and post it on YouTube. Of course.

The shop had just closed for the night when the deer crashed through the door, scaring the owner and his daughter. It scrambled around for about three minutes, finally giving up and lying down in a hallway near the door until an employee came and let it out.

The shop closed for a day to clean up, fix the damage, and get the health department’s okay to open back up.

Deer caught on tape running through Peachwave Yogurt in Holmdel [News 12]

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