50 Ducks Walked Into A CVS… There’s No Punchline, Just 50 Ducks In A CVS

duckyDo ducks prepare for the winter by gathering supplies from nearby retail outlets? No, they don’t, so it’s not really clear why about fifty ducks reportedly wandered into a CVS drugstore in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and wouldn’t leave until an employee coaxed them out with popcorn.

Smartfood popcorn, to be precise. In the video, you can see an employee try to herd the animals out with a dry Swiffer, but this was powerless against the flock.

Why did the birds come inside the store? How did they get through the automatic doors, whose sensors are calibrated for people and not for ducks? We may never know.

According to the videographer, the animals left behind no damage: just a few muddy webbed footprints.


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