Beaver Wanders Into A Lowe’s Store, Finds Nothing Useful

If you find a trip to your local home-improvement superstore daunting and stressful, imagine being a young adult beaver preparing to build your first home. One of the rodents wandered into the chain’s location in Fairbanks, Alaska, and wandered the store’s aisles aimlessly. It was as likely to find twigs and mud as you are to agree on a paint shade for the master bedroom.

While we’ve shared stories of animals wandering around stores, a manager told the Fairbanks News-Miner that one had never visited the one in Fairbanks before.

A Department of Fish and Game employee brought the beaver to a wildlife biologist to be checked out, and the biologist released the animal in some wetlands that were nearby, but far from the Lowe’s store. It had most likely come from an area a few blocks away: beaver parents kick their adult offspring out so they’ll be forced to find a mate and build their own home. That’s probably what this beaver was trying to do, but they didn’t have the type of supplies that it was used to.

If you’re visiting Alaska and happen to spot a beaver lodge with crown molding, you’ll know that the Lowe’s beaver is doing okay.

A beaver walks into an Alaska hardware store … [News-Miner]

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