Three Deer Walk Into A Kohl’s Department Store Way Too Early For Black Friday Sales

If only these three four-legged members of the animal kingdom were reindeer, this might make a bit more sense: A doe and two of her fawns recently wandered into a Kohl’s department store in Iowa, simply by sauntering through the automatic doors. No word on whether they were just too early for Black Friday or what.

The town’s police chief said the fawns hung back and stayed in the vestibule while mom walked into the store and headed to the back ostensibly to check out the store’s selection of antler warmers.

Conveniently enough there were back doors that the employees opened, and mama deer walked right back out again. Her kids took a cue from her and turned around and left the way they came in. I’ve had the urge to go through a door just because it’s open, so maybe that works for deer as well…? Bambi, can you weigh in?

No injuries or damage were reported, because hey, when’s the last time you were confronted by a ferocious deer? At least it wasn’t a mountain lion or even a bear.

With all these animals trying to go shopping, perhaps someone needs to open up a shopping mall for our furry friends. Or they could just stay in their natural environments, either way.

3 deer use automatic doors to enter Iowa store [Associated Press]

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