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Bargain-Hunting Beavers: 17 Times Animals Went Shopping In Human Stores

Does it make you giggle to think about a beaver going Christmas shopping at a dollar store? If so, you’ll be even more tickled to know this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an animal waltzing into a human business like it belonged there. Heck, this isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about a beaver doing that. [More]

(Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)

Man Doesn’t Notice Coyote Lodged In Front Grill Of Car

When a train conductor in Wisconsin pulled in to work last week in his car, he had an unexpected decoration on his grill. A coyote was somehow wedged in, and it was alive but injured. The local animal control officer took Vern, as he was named, to a wildlife rehabilitator, and he is expected to recover. Only how did he get wedged in the front of a car to begin with? [More]

Downtown Chicago Quiznos Infested With… Coyotes?

Downtown Chicago Quiznos Infested With… Coyotes?

Of course, it’s a bit odd that a coyote would seek refuge in a Quiznos sandwich, but that’s what Adrian did, strolling east on Adams in the post-lunch crowd. He walked in the front door that had been propped open because of the warm weather. He settled into the beverage cooler after unsuccessfully trying to vault the counter.

Utility May Help Oust Coyotes

After her small dogs were attacked by coyotes, Illinois resident Julie Winters sought recourse from all manner of sources, from the local police to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Now she may have a surprise ally: the Commonwealth Edison utility company. Reports the Chicago Tribune: