Bear Behaves Better Than Most Unwanted Bar Guests When Asked To Leave The Premises

Underage drinkers, rowdy customers and other troublemakers are often tossed out of bars, because many people don’t respect a polite request. But bears? Bears are okay, it turns out. Particularly one that exited a bar after the bartender told it to go out. You’d make any grandma proud of your manners, bears.

An Alaskan bar was having a normal Monday night this week when around 9:15, the hotel and bar manager saw a black bear saunter down the sidewalk past the hotel lobby, reports KTOO News. He was intent on getting a sip of something stronger than honey, it seems.

“And as soon as he got to the bar door, it made a left and walked in like he wanted to have a beer,” the manager said.

The bartender said it had been quiet until the bear walked through the doors (and into her life), until she was surprised by the furry patron. So she yelled, which is what any bear-fearing human would do.

“No bear! Get out! No! You can’t be in here!” she reportedly shouted.

Even though she didn’t even say please, the bear acquiesced to her request within seconds, turning and walking right back out.

We’d be more surprised about such a visitor if we hadn’t already heard of bears stealing restaurant Dumpsters, bears breaking into candy stores, and bears shopping at Sears. They’re not the only members of the animal kingdom showing up where humans hang out — there have been deer checking out Kohl’s and underage mountain lions trying to scratch the gambling itch at a casino.

Heck,  at this rate I’ll be shocked if there isn’t a bear in the next retail establishment I enter.

A bear walks into a bar… [KTOO News]

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