Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Yesterday, we shared an image that leaked online of what appeared to be an upcoming novelty Oreo flavor: strawberry shortcake. This was slightly confusing, since we were under the impression that marketers and flavor mavens had declared strawberry shortcake to be one of the official flavors of Valentine’s Day. In the cookie aisle, it will be a flavor of spring and summer, hitting shelves at Walmart on April 4. [More]

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Nabisco Runs Out Of Oreo Flavor Ideas, Brings Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos

Maybe Nabisco has worn itself out this year, releasing novelty Oreo flavor after novelty Oreo flavor. That’s why they’ve come back around to one of their oddest recent flavor ideas: “cookies & creme” flavored Oreo cookies––that’s to say, Oreo-flavored Oreos. You can get them now in full-sized packages, even though they have no reason to exist. [More]

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Newest Oreo Addition: Same Flavors, Less Cookie

It seems like every new month brings a new Oreo flavor, from cotton candy to lemon and brownie batter. (And that’s just this spring and summer!) The cookie conglomerate’s newest cookie, though, isn’t a new flavor at all. It’s just 40% less cookie.


Here Come Brownie Batter Oreos

Here Come Brownie Batter Oreos

There’s something about the intense chocolate flavor and gritty texture of brownie batter that makes it irresistible. Continuing their series of exotic Oreo flavors, Nabisco will try to capture this flavor in the form of Oreo “creme,” between two standard chocolate-flavored cookie wafers. [More]

Nabisco Confirms Cotton Candy Oreos Are Real, Vows To Stop Cookie Leaks

Nabisco Confirms Cotton Candy Oreos Are Real, Vows To Stop Cookie Leaks

Nabisco, maker of Oreos, is unhappy with the mysterious Instagram user who has been leaking photos of their flavors that haven’t hit the market yet. While the company has confirmed that they will roll out cookies flavored to taste like cotton candy at some point in the future, they are unhappy that someone has been sneaking photos of upcoming products and putting them on Instagram. The mysterious cookie0man of Instagram is gone.


Next In The Exotic Oreo Flavor Pipeline: Cotton Candy

Next In The Exotic Oreo Flavor Pipeline: Cotton Candy

On Instagram, there is a mysterious user named “cookie0man”, who posts advance versions of Nabisco products and nothing else. This shadowy figure posted pictures of red velvet Oreos before those hit shelves, and S’mores Oreos, which we still haven’t confirmed the existence of, but which sound appealing. Today, this person posted a photo of a new flavor: cotton candy Oreos. [More]

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S’Mores Could Be Oreo’s Next Exotic Flavor

Ready for another exotic Oreo flavor? It’s possible that the world was never really ready for watermelon or Oreo-flavored Oreos, and that didn’t stop Nabisco from inflicting them on the world. We are intrigued with this image of a S’More Oreo cookie, featuring two-colored chocolate and marshmallow “creme” sandwiched between graham-flavored cookies.


Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Back in October, we evaluated the evidence for and against red velvet as a novelty Oreo flavor. It seemed plausible, but hadn’t been officially confirmed back in the fall. Now that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, the holiday for which red velvet has been anointed the official flavor, Nabisco has announced that the cookies, featuring red cookie wafers and cream cheese flavored Oreo “creme,” will hit stores soon and stay on shelves for six weeks, or until we eat them all. [More]


Shocker: Those Fake-Looking Fried Chicken Oreos Are Indeed Fake

Given the sheer number of Oreo varieties that have been dumped on store shelves in the past year — from sherbet to peanut butter cup to fruit punch to lemon and limeade — it’s almost not beyond belief that Nabisco would give fried chicken Oreos a go. Almost, but not quite. [More]

Peanut Butter Cup Oreos And Oreo-Filled Chips Ahoy Are Now Real Things

Peanut Butter Cup Oreos And Oreo-Filled Chips Ahoy Are Now Real Things

Readers of this site might think that Consumerist staff eat a lot of junk food and fast food. That’s not true at all: maybe the amount of time that we spend reading about new permutations of food-like substances wears down our interest. For example, there are two new weirdly tempting hybrids of existing snacks available in stores now or very soon: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos and Oreo-filled Chips Ahoy cookies. Why? [More]

Honey Maid Is Okay With People Hating Its Ad Showing “Wholesome” Gay Parents

Honey Maid Is Okay With People Hating Its Ad Showing “Wholesome” Gay Parents

Next to Saltines, graham crackers — which were actually created with the intention of curbing one’s animal urges — are about as innocuous a food item as you could imagine. So it’s a bit odd that Honey Maid graham crackers are in the middle of a social media to-do over an ad featured interracial families and same-sex parents and state in no uncertain terms that “This is wholesome.” Some folks weren’t too happy about this ad and unleashed a torrent of nastiness at the company (which, again, makes graham crackers). Today, Honey Maid unveiled a new video showing these detractors what they can do with their complaints. [More]

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Oreoscape Keeps Expanding: Lemon Oreos Hit Shelves

If  you’ve visited the cookie aisle recently, you might have noticed the proliferation of both year-round and seasonal Oreo flavors. We always thought that “Oreo” was the best Oreo flavor, but we must be less sophisticated than the rest of the American public. What’s Nabisco’s new addition? Lemon. [More]


At Mondelez distributors in China, there are piles of unsold Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies. Why? China is an an economic slump. The brand is used to 25% sales increases every year, and increases are down to only 3% in the first quarter of 2013. The cookie bosses are checking sales every single day and evaluating its marketing and even the sizes and prices of Oreo packages. [Wall Street Journal]


High School Students Blow The Lid Off Oreo’s Double Stuf: There’s Only 1.86 Times The Stuf

If you’re the kind of person whose world can come crashing down when a long-held snack belief is blown into a million pieces, well first of all — don’t be so dramatic. But second — you might not like to hear that Double Stuf and Mega Stuf Oreos are not, in fact, doubly stuffed and the mega amount has been called into question as well. Maybe you should sit down for this. [More]


Over time, food tastes change. This happens both because of trends and normal evolution, and because marketers tell us what it is that we want. On both counts, the middle of the 20th century was a terrible, terrifying time for American food.

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Watermelon Oreos Are Real, And They’re Here For The Summer

From the same deranged marketing brains that brought us gingerbread Oreos and candy corn Oreos, get ready for another seasonal-themed, frosting-filled snack cookie. Watermelon Oreos are officially a thing, America. [More]


In a world where plenty of people just continue to grumble and complain when there’s something they don’t like, it’s refreshing to know that there are enterprising minds out there willing to address life’s ills and actually do something about them. Case in point — a physicist who can’t stand the creme in Oreos. Instead of living with that snack imposition, he invented a machine to remove the stuff. [More]

Grocery Shrink Ray Takes Bites Out Of Wheat Thins And Pillsbury Cake Mix

Grocery Shrink Ray Takes Bites Out Of Wheat Thins And Pillsbury Cake Mix

Is it the Grocery Shrink Ray, or are companies looking out for our health? A box of Pillsbury cake mix has shrunk three ounces, but still makes the same number of (slightly smaller) cupcakes. Wheat Thins lose .9 ounces in the box, but have gained ten grams of “whole grains” per serving. Are they looking out for our health, or… nah, probably just their bottom line.