There Is Now A Machine That Removes Unwanted Creme From The Oreo

In a world where plenty of people just continue to grumble and complain when there’s something they don’t like, it’s refreshing to know that there are enterprising minds out there willing to address life’s ills and actually do something about them. Case in point — a physicist who can’t stand the creme in Oreos. Instead of living with that snack imposition, he invented a machine to remove the stuff.

In a video posted this week that already has over a million views, he explains that he spent a total of “0.04” years — or two weeks, in science person talk — tackling the problem. He explains that it wasn’t easy to come up with the hatchet system that effectively de-cremes the cookies, noting that he often had to spend “hours at a time” sometimes away from his girlfriend and dog.

It was also quite difficult for him to find a good sandwich near the workshop where his genius was spawned, a struggle we can only imagine must have been taxing. Thank you for all your sacrifices in the name of snacking, sir. We don’t know how to thank you enough.

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