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Here’s How A Global Cyber Attack Affected The World’s Snack Stash

The ransomware attacks that returned to Europe in late June affected a variety of large companies around the world, including snack company Mondelez, which had to miss some shipments at the crucial end of the quarter after its computer systems were compromised. [More]

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In Battle For Supermarket Shelf Space, Big Brands Losing Ground To Fresh Food

For decades, your typical supermarket had one wall of produce,  and a corner deli counter, with the core of the building given over to boxed, canned, and bottled products from recognizable brands. But as grocery stores revamp stores to attract shoppers looking for fresher food, companies like Kraft, Mondelez, and Kellogg are losing ground. [More]


Toblerone Fans Are Not Happy With Mondelez’s Decision To Change Candy Bar’s Shape

It’s always a gamble when companies mess with a product beloved by consumers, as Mondelez found out when it decided to change the shape of its Toblerone chocolate bar in the U.K., pulling a bit of a Grocery Shrink Ray move in the process. [More]

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Mondelez Will Work On Upscale Chocolate, Oreo Candy Bars After Hershey Snub

Earlier this year, global snack giant Mondelez made a series of unsolicited offers to acquire Hershey, which the candy company turned down. If the company can’t have Hershey, though, what will it do? It announced plans today to expand its own chocolate offerings in both its upmarket and downmarket lines. [More]

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Mondelez Abandons Bid To Create Snack-Candy Behemoth With Hershey Purchase

The residents of Hershey, PA, can breathe a sigh a relief today, as Mondelez — the owner of Nabisco and Cadbury — announced it would ditch its months-long bid to purchase the Hershey’s brand following several rebuffed offers by the chocolate giant. [More]


Hershey, PA Residents Worried About Changes If Company Sells To Mondelez

Company towns are a remote memory for most Americans: areas where most residents worked at a factory, mill, mine, or brewery have gone away, moving out of state or overseas along with the employers themselves. One of the last remaining classic company towns is Hershey, PA, where the company still has its factory. The company that created the town of Hershey and its surrounding businesses and institutions turned down an unsolicited takeover offer from Mondelez, the owner of Nabisco and Cadbury. [More]

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[Update] Parent Company Of Nabisco And Oreo Wants To Gobble Up Hershey Chocolate

Snack food giant and grocery store staple Mondelez International apparently has decided it needs more chocolate for the s’mores you can make with its Honey Maid graham crackers, and is making a takeover bid for Hershey Foods. [More]

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Yesterday, we shared an image that leaked online of what appeared to be an upcoming novelty Oreo flavor: strawberry shortcake. This was slightly confusing, since we were under the impression that marketers and flavor mavens had declared strawberry shortcake to be one of the official flavors of Valentine’s Day. In the cookie aisle, it will be a flavor of spring and summer, hitting shelves at Walmart on April 4. [More]

Mondelez And Denny’s Both Jumping On The Cage-Free Eggs Bandwagon

Mondelez And Denny’s Both Jumping On The Cage-Free Eggs Bandwagon

Hardly a week goes by without news of a restaurant chain or major food company announcing they’ll be using only cage-free eggs at some point in the future, and this week is no different: today, both Mondelez — the company behind Cadbury, Oreos and other snacks — and Denny’s have announced they’re joining the pack of big names pledging to take caged hens out of the supply chain. [More]

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Maker Of Oreos, Chips Ahoy! And Other Snacks Plans To Offer Significantly More Healthy Treats In Five Years

Perhaps the introduction of the so-called healthier, more adult-focused Thin Oreos earlier this year was a sign that Mondelez, the maker behind the cookies and a plethora of other snacks, was on the fast track to being a health-conscious brand. [More]

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Nabisco Runs Out Of Oreo Flavor Ideas, Brings Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos

Maybe Nabisco has worn itself out this year, releasing novelty Oreo flavor after novelty Oreo flavor. That’s why they’ve come back around to one of their oddest recent flavor ideas: “cookies & creme” flavored Oreo cookies––that’s to say, Oreo-flavored Oreos. You can get them now in full-sized packages, even though they have no reason to exist. [More]

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Newest Oreo Addition: Same Flavors, Less Cookie

It seems like every new month brings a new Oreo flavor, from cotton candy to lemon and brownie batter. (And that’s just this spring and summer!) The cookie conglomerate’s newest cookie, though, isn’t a new flavor at all. It’s just 40% less cookie. [More]

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U.S. Commodities Regulators Accusing Kraft, Mondelez Of Manipulating Wheat Prices

The U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission is suing Kraft Foods Group Inc. and Mondelez Global LLC, which was spun off from Kraft in 2012, claiming the two food Goliaths manipulated wheat prices in 2011, earning profits of $5.4 million as a result. [More]

Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Back in October, we evaluated the evidence for and against red velvet as a novelty Oreo flavor. It seemed plausible, but hadn’t been officially confirmed back in the fall. Now that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, the holiday for which red velvet has been anointed the official flavor, Nabisco has announced that the cookies, featuring red cookie wafers and cream cheese flavored Oreo “creme,” will hit stores soon and stay on shelves for six weeks, or until we eat them all. [More]

This is the U.S. version. It didn't change. Don't freak out. (Morton Fox)

Don’t Freak Out: Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe Change Doesn’t Affect U.S.

There is much lid-flipping and out-freaking online today as UK news sites report a change to the recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs, a change that everyone blames on the brand’s U.S.-based ownership. That very well may be true, but for Creme Egg fans stateside, it’s a non-issue as the treats you gobble down each spring are made by a different company. [More]

Honey Maid Is Okay With People Hating Its Ad Showing “Wholesome” Gay Parents

Honey Maid Is Okay With People Hating Its Ad Showing “Wholesome” Gay Parents

Next to Saltines, graham crackers — which were actually created with the intention of curbing one’s animal urges — are about as innocuous a food item as you could imagine. So it’s a bit odd that Honey Maid graham crackers are in the middle of a social media to-do over an ad featured interracial families and same-sex parents and state in no uncertain terms that “This is wholesome.” Some folks weren’t too happy about this ad and unleashed a torrent of nastiness at the company (which, again, makes graham crackers). Today, Honey Maid unveiled a new video showing these detractors what they can do with their complaints. [More]

The Consumerist Quiz: Can You Match Popular Food Brands With Their Corporate Parents?

The Consumerist Quiz: Can You Match Popular Food Brands With Their Corporate Parents?

How closely do you pay attention to the companies that make the products you and your family eat every day? Many of the most popular brands of packaged food and beverage items in the U.S. are owned by the same few dozen multinational companies, some of whom own several competing brands. It’s time to test your knowledge of which big companies are filling your pantry. [More]


Cadbury Is No Longer The Sole Marketer Of Candy In Purple Packages

We miss a lot of the fun food fights going on elsewhere in the world sometimes, so it’s always refreshing to hear that U.S. companies aren’t the only ones battling it out over what may seem to be silly points. But purple is a very serious business across the pond for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bars.