Here Come Brownie Batter Oreos

Nabisco-Limited-Edition-Brownie-Batter-Oreo-CookiesThere’s something about the intense chocolate flavor and gritty texture of brownie batter that makes it irresistible. Continuing their series of exotic Oreo flavors, Nabisco will try to capture this flavor in the form of Oreo “creme,” between two standard chocolate-flavored cookie wafers.

S’Mores Oreos have hit the shelves as this year’s “summer” theme cookie, so perhaps it was inevitable that news of another one would leak, even though Nabisco vowed this spring to stop advance notice of new flavors from leaking online.

The Impulsive Buy notes that the cookies surfaced at a recent trade show in Chicago, as well as from disparate sources online. Don’t worry: this is probably not another hoax, and the cookies will join their buddies on the entire shelving unit crammed with different flavors of Oreos that you can now find in most grocery and discount stores.

COMING SOON: Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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