Watermelon Oreos Are Real, And They’re Here For The Summer

From the same deranged marketing brains that brought us gingerbread Oreos and candy corn Oreos, get ready for another seasonal-themed, frosting-filled snack cookie. Watermelon Oreos are officially a thing, America.

Like Candy Corn Oreos, they’re exclusive to Target and cost around $3. We haven’t tried them yet, but early reports indicate that the filling tastes sort of like every watermelon candy out there. A good one, though, like Jolly Rancher, that somehow tastes more like watermelon than an actual watermelon does. The cookies are vanilla-flavored.

Did you pick any up yet? Do they taste like summer and delicious fruit, or like overly processed sugar and despair? Let us know.

Watermelon Oreo Cookies Are Real, Mark The Official Start To Summer [Foodbeast]

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