Nabisco Runs Out Of Oreo Flavor Ideas, Brings Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos

Image courtesy of (The Impulsive Buy)

Maybe Nabisco has worn itself out this year, releasing novelty Oreo flavor after novelty Oreo flavor. That’s why they’ve come back around to one of their oddest recent flavor ideas: “cookies & creme” flavored Oreo cookies––that’s to say, Oreo-flavored Oreos. You can get them now in full-sized packages, even though they have no reason to exist.

The last time we saw the Oreoception flavor on the market, it was in packs of eight cookies. We’re no longer fazed by exotic cookie flavors: with creations like key lime pie Oreos and s’moreos out this year, we’ve given in to the weirdness. We accept these flavors.

Yet Cookies & Creme Oreos will never make sense. The flavor idea comes from the common ice cream flavor of cookies and cream, which is ice cream with small pieces of Oreos (or Oreo knockoff cookies) in it. The creme in this cookie seems to just have chocolate specks in it, but the name “Cookies & Creme” (not cream) describes a regular old Oreo. There are cookies and creme.

If this flavor interests you, a reader of The Impulsive Buy saw them in a Dillons store, and they’re an exclusive to Kroger-owned grocery stores. You’ll be able to find them there as long as their existence hasn’t torn a hole in the fabric of flavor and time.

One commenter at that site describes the cookies as tasting pretty much like regular Oreos:

They don’t [taste different from regular Oreos]. Maybe a little sweeter, but that might just be me searching deep for something that isn’t there.

Don’t use snack food or other vices to fill emptiness in your soul.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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