Oreos With Lemon Creme And Chocolate Cookies Hit Shelves This Summer

Image courtesy of (theimpulsivebuy)

It’s important to us to keep our readers updated about the latest and most important news in the world of novelty Oreos. We’ve learned that Lemon Twist Oreos have returned to shelves, which are not to be confused with lemon Oreos. Lemon Oreos, which are still available, are on a vanilla cookie, and Lemon Twist Oreos are on a chocolate cookie.

Note that the last time there was a Lemon Twist Oreo, back in 2012, that was also lemon creme on a vanilla-flavored cookie. This time around, the package has also been struck by the Grocery Shrink Ray, and this time around is 10.7 ounces instead of 15.5. Maybe we’re all better off in the long run with 1/3 fewer cookies in a package, but it is disappointing that Nabisco is now offering their novelty flavors only in the smaller packages.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition Lemon Twist Chocolate Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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