Nabisco Confirms Cotton Candy Oreos Are Real, Vows To Stop Cookie Leaks

cotton_candy_oreo_casesNabisco, maker of Oreos, is unhappy with the mysterious Instagram user who has been leaking photos of their flavors that haven’t hit the market yet. While the company has confirmed that they will roll out cookies flavored to taste like cotton candy at some point in the future, they are unhappy that someone has been sneaking photos of upcoming products and putting them on Instagram. The mysterious cookie0man of Instagram is gone.

“It’s been brought to our attention that some of our top secret OREO flavors are leaking,” a spokesperson e-mailed Marketwatch. “As we get to the bottom of these cookie leaks, we can only say time will tell when our next delicious flavor will hit shelves.” Red Velvet Oreos may still be on shelves but were timed for Valentine’s Day. The S’Mores flavor, another possibility that was leaked, would make sense for summer.

We maintain that we would like to try Oreo-flavored cotton candy, since the other way around doesn’t sound very interesting.

Leaked photos show Oreo’s next cookie flavor [Marketwatch]

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