Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

redvelvetoreosBack in October, we evaluated the evidence for and against red velvet as a novelty Oreo flavor. It seemed plausible, but hadn’t been officially confirmed back in the fall. Now that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, the holiday for which red velvet has been anointed the official flavor, Nabisco has announced that the cookies, featuring red cookie wafers and cream cheese flavored Oreo “creme,” will hit stores soon and stay on shelves for six weeks, or until we eat them all.

“We think it stays true to who we are as Oreo but can also really satisfy those folks who are red velvet fanatics,” the senior director for Oreo North America told Bloomberg News in an interview. Who are red velvet fanatics? The brand credits “foodies” with the current mania for red velvet, and the new cookie is an effort to reach them. What the brand doesn’t realize, of course, is that real foodies are already on to the next dessert flavor, which is so fresh and trendy that I have no idea what it is. Whatever comes after “salted caramel,” which has also crept into the candy aisles of mainstream supermarkets.

The red velvet Oreos hit stores on February 2nd. If you support red velvet being adopted as the new official flavor of Valentine’s Day, go buy some.

New Red Velvet Oreo Flavor to Hit U.S. Stores Next Month [Bloomberg News]

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