Trail Of Cash Leads Police To Bank Robbery Suspect

Trail Of Cash Leads Police To Bank Robbery Suspect

Forget a trail of bread crumbs, police said all they had to do to nab a bank robbery suspect was follow the literal trail of money he left behind. We would like to welcome you, sir, to the You Have Only Yourself To Blame Hall of Fame. [More]

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Police: Burger King Worker Who Reported Robbery Had The Missing Cash At Home

While some criminal investigations are undoubtedly tricky for law enforcement, a recent robbery at a Burger King in California led police right back to where they started: the worker who called in the theft in the first place. [More]


Police On The Lookout For Guy Who Stole Beer While Dressed As Batman/Captain America

If you’ve seen a guy around town wearing a Batman suit paired with a Captain America mask, you might want to give police in Salamanca, NY, a call. [More]


Patrons Chase Would-Be Robber Out Of Waffle House

There are loyal customers, and then there are customers who go a bit farther than showing up for a free coffee after 12 visits. Like the patrons of a North Carolina Waffle House, who police say chased an armed robbery suspect out of the restaurant after he demanded cash. [More]

Police: Man Got A Manicure, Then Robbed The Nail Salon

Police: Man Got A Manicure, Then Robbed The Nail Salon

It’s one thing to walk into a business and demand cash, but police say a man suspected of robbing a Philadelphia nail salon sat through a manicure first, getting his nails nicely trimmed and buffed before grabbing cash from the register. [More]

Police: Robbery Suspect Told Pizza Restaurant Worker He Was “Having A Bad Day”

Police: Robbery Suspect Told Pizza Restaurant Worker He Was “Having A Bad Day”

We get it — you’re cranky because nothing is going right, everything is turning out wrong and your day just keeps getting worse and worse. But just because you’re having an off moment doesn’t mean you should take it out on others, like a man accused of robbing a pizza joint at gunpoint who told a cashier his day was a dud. [More]

7 Best Moments From Helpful Smoke Shop Clerk’s Play-By-Play Of Robbery Video

7 Best Moments From Helpful Smoke Shop Clerk’s Play-By-Play Of Robbery Video

It’s one thing to remain calm under pressure, but it’s another to have the wherewithal to take your sweet time double-bagging cigarettes during an armed robbery. A Salt Lake City smoke shop clerk has become an unwitting star this week, after her sister posted a video of her narrating the surveillance video from a robbery at her store over the weekend hit the Internet. [More]

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Popeyes Offers To Re-Hire Manager Fired After Armed Robbery

A former Popeyes manager who claims she was fired after refusing to repay the restaurant back after an armed robber stole $400 from the cash registers has been offered her job back. The owners of the location said in a statement that they “deeply regret the way this matter was handled.” [More]

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Pizzeria Robbery Mystery Solved After Cops Trace Toilet Paper Note Back To Suspect’s Roll At Home

Sometimes, the scene of the crime isn’t the only place police can pick up a few clues about the actions of bad consumers. Consider the lowly toilet paper roll — seems innocent enough, and yet it was the missing piece for cops seeking to solve the mystery of whose idea it was to try to rob a pizzeria using a note demanding money. [More]

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Police: Regretful Thief Returns Money To Gas Station Hours After Robbing It, Apologizes

There’s regretting past misdeeds, and then there’s feeling immediately so sorry for doing someone wrong that you return to the scene of the crime to set things aright. The latter was the case for a 23-year-old in California who police said robbed a gas station convenience store and then came back to apologize with the cash later. [More]

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Man Uses “I Wasn’t Robbing Anyone, Cashier Just Handed The Cash To Me” Defense

We’ve all had that weird experience when suddenly, the cashier will just force you to take a bunch of the cash from the cash register. And then, because that’s so weird, the instinct is to just flee, right? Wait, that’s not normal, you say? Weird. But that’s what one guy accused of robbing a local grocery store is claiming. [More]

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Man Who Tried To Rob Pizzeria Sues Restaurant For $260K, Claiming Unnecessary Roughness

A man who’s in jail for several robberies including an attempted robbery at a pizza restaurant in Delaware is now suing police and several employees of that eatery for $260,000, claiming they were unnecessarily rough in subduing him. [More]

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Group Of 20 Thieves Hit Samsung Factory, Grab Millions Worth Of Electronics

Like one of those heist movies starring a well-dressed, smirking George Clooney and his BFF Brad Pitt, a group of about 20 thieves overpowered workers at a Samsung factory in Brazil and managed to make off with about 40,000 phones, tablets, computers and other electronics. [More]

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4-Year-Old Busts A Hole In Her Babysitter’s Fake Home Invasion Story

We all know the hijinks that ensue when no one tells mom the babysitter is dead (reach back to Christina Applegate’s cinematic efforts c. early 1990s), but one 4-year-old girl wasn’t about to let her caretaker get away with lying and take her iPod and piggybank. Nope. So when her babysitter said there’d been a break-in at the home, this little girl busted the whole plot wide open. [More]

Two Terrible People Robbed Girl Scout Selling Cookies Outside Of Grocery Store

Two Terrible People Robbed Girl Scout Selling Cookies Outside Of Grocery Store

We all eventually learn the difficult lesson that the world is out to get us and our small electronics. One young girl in Florida learned this in an unfortunate time and place: two men took off with her cell phone while she and a friend sold Girl Scout cookies in front of a grocery store. [More]

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Colorado Dad Goes Out For Ice Cream, Thwarts Robbery

Staying with her dad for the weekend, a Colorado girl wondered why it took so long for her dad to run to Safeway for some ice cream. When he got back, she asked him what the delay was all about. “I had to break up a robbery,” he said. Yeah, right. But unlike when your dad kids about being a superhero, it was true! [More]


Starbucks Barista Offers Would-Be Robber Free Coffee Instead Of Cash: Robber Accepts

When a would-be robber asked for all of the cash in the register of an Alabama Starbucks, either a quick-thinking cashier or the limits of technology got in his way. According to police, the cashier told him that the drawer wouldn’t open….so would he like a free coffee instead? Score! Free coffee! [More]


When Choosing A Bank To Rob, Avoid The One Where Everyone Is Packing

There’s a sign on the door of the Peoples Bank & Trust that says you’re allowed to bring your concealed firearm in with you if you’re so inclined. That’s very American, but that doesn’t mean you’d expect the bank president to chase a robber from the bank lobby to his getaway vehicle while pointing a Colt .380 at him. Experts generally don’t support this hands-on approach to bank security, but it was effective: the robber (who was unarmed) surrendered, and the bank president is now a local hero. [More]