Police On The Lookout For Guy Who Stole Beer While Dressed As Batman/Captain America

Image courtesy of WIVB

If you’ve seen a guy around town wearing a Batman suit paired with a Captain America mask, you might want to give police in Salamanca, NY, a call.

A guy who clearly has trouble committing to one superhero was caught on video surveillance stealing two 18-packs of beer from a store in the western part of the state on Tuesday, reports WIVB.com.

He’s described as a white male in his 20s with a slim build, standing between 5’9” and 6’. If you’ve got information on this super villain, the police would love it if you’d make an anonymous tip.

Others have come before who have also sought to hide their identities behind a costume while doing foul deeds: in 2015, police in Indiana were on the hunt for bank robbery suspects who dressed as musician Rick James and Youngblood Priest, a character from the 1972 movie Super Fly; and way back in 2007, a man robbed a Citizen’s Bank disguised as a tree.

Police looking for beer thief dressed as Batman and Captain America [WIVB]

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