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Equifax CEO Apologizes For Company’s Incompetence, Promises Vague (Possibly Pointless) Credit ‘Lock’ Service In 2018

The interim CEO for credit bureau Equifax is finally issuing a full-throated mea culpa for the massive data breach that compromised sensitive personal and financial information for about half of the adult U.S. population. In addition to extending the deadline for hack victims to freeze their credit free of charge or sign up for the company’s not terribly enticing anti-ID theft program, Equifax is also promising to offer something new: A way to “lock” your credit file (sort of, maybe, and only partially) for free (possibly). [More]


Southwest Offering Frequent Flyers Reward Miles To Make Up For Ongoing Glitch

While Southwest Airlines continues to grapple with a glitch that’s denying its top tier of frequent flyers prime boarding assignments, the carrier is offering up another apology by way of free rewards miles. [More]


Facebook Says It Found More Mistakes In Metrics Reported To Advertisers

So, remember that whole thing about Facebook mistakenly telling advertisers for two years that users were watching videos much longer than they actually were? It turns out that wasn’t the only advertising metric the social media company got wrong. [More]

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Police: Regretful Thief Returns Money To Gas Station Hours After Robbing It, Apologizes

There’s regretting past misdeeds, and then there’s feeling immediately so sorry for doing someone wrong that you return to the scene of the crime to set things aright. The latter was the case for a 23-year-old in California who police said robbed a gas station convenience store and then came back to apologize with the cash later. [More]

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Creator Of Pop-Up Ads Apologizes For Doing His Part To Ruin The Internet

Along with auto-play video and auto-refresh webpages, pop-up ads make up the unholy trinity of browsing the Internet. Now, the man who wrote the code for the first ever ad to come out of nowhere and spoil your reading experience is saying he’s sorry to the world. [More]

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Yo Founder: We Were Lucky To Get Hacked (And Everything Is Fixed Now)

The makers of one-word messaging app Yo are sounding the all-clear after reports last week that the app could easily be hacked, leaving users’ phone numbers at risk. But also? That whole thing was a good thing, the founder explains. [More]

BP's CEO Is Super Sorry About That Oil Spill

BP's CEO Is Super Sorry About That Oil Spill

BP Chief Executive Robert Dudley inherited quite a bit of a mess from former CEO Tony Hayward, he of the loose lips, in the the form of last year’s terrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But Dudley wants everyone to know that he’s totally sorry. [More]

Oops! I Made It Past The TSA Screeners With A 6-Inch Hunting Knife

Oops! I Made It Past The TSA Screeners With A 6-Inch Hunting Knife

While the TSA is busy rolling out full-body scanners and grope-y pat-down procedures, the agency still hasn’t managed to actually stop people from slipping onto airplanes with deadly weapons. [More]

Google Says "My Bad," Attempts To Fix Buzz Privacy Problem

Google Says "My Bad," Attempts To Fix Buzz Privacy Problem

After unleashing a Pandora’s box of privacy issues with the launch of their new Facebook wannabe “Google Buzz” feature earlier this week, Google now says they are taking the problem seriously. [More]