Two Terrible People Robbed Girl Scout Selling Cookies Outside Of Grocery Store

girl_sproutsWe all eventually learn the difficult lesson that the world is out to get us and our small electronics. One young girl in Florida learned this in an unfortunate time and place: two men took off with her cell phone while she and a friend sold Girl Scout cookies in front of a grocery store.

Many of you will be asking the very important question of whether the thieves picked up any of the cookies. The sad truth is that we don’t know. The girls hadn’t counted how many cookies they had when they started selling, so they don’t know how many were left at the time of the robbery. The money was safe, and it sounds like the only thing taken was one girl’s phone. Everyone staffing the booth at the time happened to be looking down or away at the time of the theft.

Police searched the area, but couldn’t find the thieves or the girl’s phone. All of the girls are safe, though, and all of the cookies are probably safe, so that’s what is most important here.

In the meantime, mobile phone owners young and old alike should remember: God and Gap Incorporated put pockets in your pants for a reason. Use ’em for their intended purpose, and keep your phone safe.

Girl Scout Robbed Outside Lauderdale Winn Dixie [CBS Miami]

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