When Choosing A Bank To Rob, Avoid The One Where Everyone Is Packing

Image courtesy of (frankieleon)

There’s a sign on the door of the Peoples Bank & Trust that says you’re allowed to bring your concealed firearm in with you if you’re so inclined. That’s very American, but that doesn’t mean you’d expect the bank president to chase a robber from the bank lobby to his getaway vehicle while pointing a Colt .380 at him. Experts generally don’t support this hands-on approach to bank security, but it was effective: the robber (who was unarmed) surrendered, and the bank president is now a local hero.

“I didn’t have time to get scared,” he told reporters. “I was excited. Your adrenaline pumps. He robbed a bank, he menaced my employees, and I don’t allow that.” Tellers handled the robbery by the book and without fear.

The would-be robber turned out to be a customer of that branch who may be suffering from dementia. He disguised himself using a mask of the character Chucky from the “Child’s Play” horror movies. It was his granddaughter’s Halloween costume.

Missouri bank president pulls gun, nabs masked robber [Kansas City Star]

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