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Group Of 20 Thieves Hit Samsung Factory, Grab Millions Worth Of Electronics

Like one of those heist movies starring a well-dressed, smirking George Clooney and his BFF Brad Pitt, a group of about 20 thieves overpowered workers at a Samsung factory in Brazil and managed to make off with about 40,000 phones, tablets, computers and other electronics. [More]

(Not surveillance footage, just regular news coverage.)

Two-Month Undercover Operation Busts “Bikini Baristas” Accused Of Stripping At Grab ‘n’ Go

When it comes to busting bikini baristas doing things other than serving coffee, it seems the average undercover operation time is a minimum of two months. There’s a lot of observation to be done, see?  Grab ‘n’ Go, the same chain that got in trouble for barista prostitution back in 2009 is in hot water again now after another two-month undercover investigation found that three “bikini baristas” were allegedly stripping at espresso stands.  [More]

In-N-Out Burger Sues Maryland Burger Joint Over Logo &
Menu Items

In-N-Out Burger Sues Maryland Burger Joint Over Logo & Menu Items

The lawyers at In-N-Out Burger have a bit of an issue with a Maryland burger shop called Grab-N-Go, claiming that eatery’s name, logo and menu items are a little bit too close to the bigger chain’s trademarks. [More]