Popeyes Manager Says She Was Fired For Refusing To Pay Back Money Stolen By Armed Robber

popeyesgaWhen a fast food eatery is held up, should the manager on duty be responsible for reimbursing the owner? Common sense might tell you “no,” but a former Popeyes employee claims that she was fired after she refused to pay her employer for the money stolen during her shift by an armed robber.

According to KHOU-TV, on March 31 the Popeyes restaurant in Channelview, TX, just outside of Houston, was held up by a man with a gun who ordered all employees to the floor.

He then grabbed the shift manager and ordered her to get all the money from the restaurant’s safe. She didn’t have access to that, so the only thing she could give the robber was the nearly $400 from the cash registers.

Afterward, she says her boss gave her an ultimatum: Reimburse the store for the amount stolen or she was fired.

“I told them I’m not paying nothing,” she tells KHOU. “I just had a gun to me. I’m not paying the money.”

Later that week, the restaurant terminated her employment.

A human resources rep for the franchisee tells KHOU that the reason the shift manager was fired was because she had too much money in the registers. The rep also claimed to know nothing of a reimbursement demand.

The dismissed manager contends that it was a busy day and that she did her best to minimize the amount of money in the registers at any given time.

“They got what they got because that’s what we made within one hour,” she tells KHOU.

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