Colorado Dad Goes Out For Ice Cream, Thwarts Robbery

(CBS Denver)

(CBS Denver)

Staying with her dad for the weekend, a Colorado girl wondered why it took so long for her dad to run to Safeway for some ice cream. When he got back, she asked him what the delay was all about. “I had to break up a robbery,” he said. Yeah, right. But unlike when your dad kids about being a superhero, it was true!

Saturday evening was a quiet time in the Safeway store, and a would-be narcotics thief took advantage of the slow time to rob the pharmacy. The man, who was buying ice cream at the front of the store, heard a cry for help from the pharmacy and acted to help without really thinking about it. He tackled someone who was making a break for the door and who may or may not have been the robber, keeping the suspect in the store until police arrived.

“I’m assuming the guy was the robber, I had no idea at that point,” the man told CBS Denver, but the man he stopped was trying to escape the store with some vials of Vicodin. And a knife.

Don’t worry: the robber-tackling hero of this story got his ice cream for free.

Safeway Shopper Thwarts Pharmacy Robbery [CBS Denver]

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