Police: Man Got A Manicure, Then Robbed The Nail Salon

It’s one thing to walk into a business and demand cash, but police say a man suspected of robbing a Philadelphia nail salon sat through a manicure first, getting his nails nicely trimmed and buffed before grabbing cash from the register.

According to police, the man came in near closing time and asked for a manicure, reports CBS Philly. When it was time to pay for the service, however, he demanded the cashier hand him money instead, allegedly pointing a gun at her.

“It’s pretty nervy to sit into a nail salon and actually get a manicure and then produce a gun and announce a robbery you know. And he was very serious about what he was doing,” said a Philadelphia police captain.

Surveillance video shows the suspect trying to snatch money from the worker’s hand and then grabbing for more in the register (if he did get any nail polish, he surely messed it up at that point). Police say he also stole a cell phone and money from a worker’s purse. Once he had what he wanted, he left.

Police are investigating whether he could possibly be responsible for other robberies in the area, and are hoping the video from the salon will help identify him.

Police: Man Gets Manicure, Allegedly Robs Nail Salon [CBS Philadelphia]

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