Not Again: Some Jerk Stole 20,000 Pounds Of Cheese In Wisconsin

If you thought cheese could be safely left alone, months after a series of cheese thefts rocked the dairy love world, you thought wrong. Some brazen jerk out there is still stealing cheese in Wisconsin. [More]

Dan Bock

Some Jerk Stole 19 Cases Of Provolone From A Colorado Restaurant

While we take all forms of food theft very seriously, when someone commits a cheese-related crime, we get very annoyed. We’re none too pleased right now with the jerk who pilfered almost $2,000 worth of provolone from a Colorado eatery, a jerk whose crime is depriving potential customers of the enjoyment of eating cheese. [More]

Renee Rendler-Kaplan

Siblings Arrested For Robbing Girl Scouts Of $200 In Cookie Money

Most people look at Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a store and see children learning important lessons about commerce. Every year, though, there’s at least one person who looks at them and sees a big box of cash guarded by little girls. This cookie season, the first criminals accused of having this terrible idea were a brother and sister in Florida, who were arrested yesterday for running off with about $200 in cookie money last weekend. [More]

CBS Minnesota

Reminder: You Might Not Want To Display Empty Christmas Present Boxes Prominently On The Curb

There you are, happily and cozily ensconced in your house, playing your new PS4 (as long as it’s not a piece of wood) to your heart’s delight, warm with the Christmas spirit that brought you this shiny new toy. But if you want to keep your new pricy electronics and nice clothing, it’s not a good idea to tip off any would-be thieves of what’s hiding in your home by advertising it with empty boxes. [More]

Thief Commandeers Forklift In Failed ATM Heist

Thief Commandeers Forklift In Failed ATM Heist

ATMs tend to weigh quite a bit, that may be why would-be thieves often rely on the help of big machinery when attempting to make off with one of the money dispensing apparatuses — or its contents. Once such case occurred early this morning in North Dakota where ne’er-do-well(s) commandeered a forklift and tried to pilfer the contents of a Wells Fargo cash machine.  [More]

Surveillance video shows a man posing as a Walmart employee stealing four large Samsung TVs.

Man Masquerading As Walmart Employee Walks Out The Door With Four Big Screen TVs

Walmart already has a long list of workers vying for the title of “worst employee,” but it’s a thief posing as an employee at the big box store that might take the cake: walking in the door, grabbing four big screen TVs and simply walking back out the way he came.

(me and the sysop)

Theft Of Truck Trailer Prevents Multiple Tons Of Mozzarella From Achieving Delicious Pizza Fate

Admittedly, a truck full of cheese would be a tempting sight for many, yours truly included. But some dastardly villain took things a step too far, swiping a tractor-trailer filled with multiple tons of mozzarella cheese, keeping it from heading off into the delicious pizza sunset it was destined for. That’s just wrong. [More]

(Daniel Oines)

Six Teens Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $22K Worth Of Merchandise From Kohl’s

It’s not unheard of for an employee to be caught stealing from their employer. But it is a bit unusually for the thieves to be six teenagers and entire theft to total more than $22,000. But that’s exactly what police in Iowa claim happened at a Kohl’s store back in December. [More]

Michelle Reitman

Guy With A Sweet Mustache Allegedly Went On California Costco Shoplifting Spree

I’ve always wanted an awesome nickname. Apparently I should just ask the Santa Cruz, CA, police department for their input. I am officially crowning them the unofficial nickname kings (and queens) for the name bestowed on an alleged serial Costco thief: El Mustachio the Magician. [More]

California Passes Law Requiring All Phones Come Equipped With “Kill Switch” By 2015

California Passes Law Requiring All Phones Come Equipped With “Kill Switch” By 2015

Nearly four months after California lawmakers shot down a bill that would require smartphone manufacturers to include a “kill switch” function on all devices, a similar version of the law is headed to the governor’s desk for signing. [More]

Donations Pour In, Replace Wigs Taken By Lowdown Thief

Donations Pour In, Replace Wigs Taken By Lowdown Thief

Police in Houston are currently dealing with a series of thefts that may or may not be related. Ten stores that sell hair in the Houston area in the last week have been robbed. It began with the theft of eleven wigs destined for a fancy spa event for women who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment. Good news: donors have replaced those wigs. [More]

(Atwater Village Newbie)

Comfort Food Crime Wave: Thief Tows Away Entire 40-Foot Shipping Container Of Hamburgers

The crime wave carrying off the world’s comfort food by the truckload is only continuing and escalating. From maple syrup in Québec and Maine to Nutella in Germany and soup in Florida, criminals are carrying off many of our tastiest and most comforting foods. Now, criminals in New Jersey have made off with an entire refrigerated shipping container of hamburger patties. Not the burgers! [More]


Somewhere, There’s A Massive, Chocolatey, Delicious Black Market For Nutella

As mass-market food products go, chocolate-hazelnut spread and noted health food Nutella is pretty expensive per ounce. So it’s not really surprising that thieves made off with more than $20,000 worth of the stuff in the theft on seven pallets, from a parked semi-trailer truck in Germany. [More]

Not the flowers! Noooo!

Thief Dressed As Deliveryman Walks Out Of Florist With 21 Bouquets On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a chaotic time for florists, with temporary help mixing with regular staff to get everything delivered on time and to the right recipient. (Well, mostly.) In Chicago, one busy florist claims that a man took advantage of the floral fracas to walk off with 21 flower arrangements worth a total of $2,000. [More]

Thief Allegedly Crashes Stolen Semi Into Porn Shop, Swipes
$800 Toy

Thief Allegedly Crashes Stolen Semi Into Porn Shop, Swipes $800 Toy

A suspected thief was so determined to nab an $800 sex doll that he allegedly stole a semi, crashed it into an adult shop and made off with the prize. [More]

Reduce Your Chances Of Laptop Theft By Turning Off

Reduce Your Chances Of Laptop Theft By Turning Off Wi-Fi

A security company says that one easy way to find recently closed laptops hidden in cars or bags is to search for Wi-Fi radios, because some laptops can take half an hour or more before going into sleep mode. You need a specialized scanner to do sniff out Wi-Fi radios, but says you can get one for about $50. The security company, Credant Technologies, says a group of lottery scammers in Jamaica were using stolen laptops that they found in this way. The solution: disable your Wi-Fi before you close the lid on your laptop. [More]

T-Mobile Changes Mind, Lets Family Off The Hook For Stolen Phone Charges

T-Mobile Changes Mind, Lets Family Off The Hook For Stolen Phone Charges

Yesterday I posted about Zeb, a special needs guy whose phone was stolen shortly before Christmas. Between then and when his family found out about the theft and reported it to T-Mobile, the thief had made $6,000 in international calls and texts–and T-Mobile wanted Zeb’s family to pay $1,500 of that.
Today I received word from Zeb’s dad that T-Mobile has changed its mind and won’t hold Zeb or his family responsible for the bogus charges. His email is below.

Maine's Supreme Court To Decide If Consumers Should Be Compensated For Hannaford Security Breach

Maine's Supreme Court To Decide If Consumers Should Be Compensated For Hannaford Security Breach

If a retailer doesn’t protect your credit card data and it gets stolen, should you be compensated? Not for any unauthorized charges, which are already covered under banks’ zero-liability protection, but for the time lost dealing with the problem, for the anxiety it causes, and for any future credit history/score issues it might cause?