Thief Commandeers Forklift In Failed ATM Heist

ATMs tend to weigh quite a bit, that may be why would-be thieves often rely on the help of big machinery when attempting to make off with one of the money dispensing apparatuses — or its contents. Once such case occurred early this morning in North Dakota where ne’er-do-well(s) commandeered a forklift and tried to pilfer the contents of a Wells Fargo cash machine. 

The Dickinson Press reports that while no money was stolen from the ATM, the forklift used in the attempted robbery sustained about $2,000 in damages.

Police, who say they have no suspects, were alerted to the destruction of the ATM and the attempted theft of its contents after an alarm was triggered at around 12:14 a.m.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found the forklift – with keys inside – rammed into the ATM.

A local business manager tells the Dickinson Press that the forklift used in the attempted robbery was taken from a nearby apartment location. The company says it will hand over any available surveillance video to authorities.

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo says the company is “thankful no one was harmed during the incident.”

UPDATE: Wells Fargo ATM destroyed by forklift in attempted robbery [The Dickinson Press]

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