Theft Of Truck Trailer Prevents Multiple Tons Of Mozzarella From Achieving Delicious Pizza Fate

Admittedly, a truck full of cheese would be a tempting sight for many, yours truly included. But some dastardly villain took things a step too far, swiping a tractor-trailer filled with multiple tons of mozzarella cheese, keeping it from heading off into the delicious pizza sunset it was destined for. That’s just wrong.

The truckload of shredded mozzarella was originally bound for a pizza distribution center in Florida, reports The amount swiped is enough cheese for tens of thousands of pizza pies, the site notes, making the crime that much more real.

According to the police, the driver left the locked trailer in a truck parking lot while he was having the hauler checked out by a mechanic. The next day when his girlfriend drove by the lot to check on the refrigerated trailer, she saw it was missing.

Police found that a hauler attached to another trailer had also been taken, presumably to have something to haul the trailer with. While the cheese is estimated to be worth about $85,000, the trailer itself is valued at $62,000 and the missing hauler is worth $130,000, according to reports.

Truck, trailer, tons of mozzarella stolen from parking lot in Summerfield []

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