Comfort Food Crime Wave: Thief Tows Away Entire 40-Foot Shipping Container Of Hamburgers

The crime wave carrying off the world’s comfort food by the truckload is only continuing and escalating. From maple syrup in Québec and Maine to Nutella in Germany and soup in Florida, criminals are carrying off many of our tastiest and most comforting foods. Now, criminals in New Jersey have made off with an entire refrigerated shipping container of hamburger patties. Not the burgers!

The hamburger patties–3,000 containers of them–belonged to the Hilton hotel chain, and were bound for the Netherlands, then for Hilton properties outside of the United States. (You may have heard that they’re having beef supply issues over in Europe, though that’s not necessarily why Hilton was shipping patties over.) Sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, the container disappeared. Surveillance video shows a tractor driving off with it around 10:30.

Police search for Hamburglar who stole $100K in hamburger patties from shipping container in Linden [Star-Ledger]

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