Not Again: Some Jerk Stole 20,000 Pounds Of Cheese In Wisconsin

Image courtesy of dn1967b

If you thought cheese could be safely left alone, months after a series of cheese thefts rocked the dairy love world, you thought wrong. Some brazen jerk out there is still stealing cheese in Wisconsin.

Police are on the hunt for whoever swiped 20,000 pounds of cheese from a packed trailer parked in a lot in Oak Creek, WI, reports FOX 6 News. The cheese is worth more than $46,000 and a whole lot of satisfied smiles.

A police captain says the driver on his way from Green Bay to New York City had unhitched his trailer and gone to run an errand early Thursday morning.

“It’s unique. It’s a lot of cheese. It’s a high-value property, and we’re gonna take it seriously like we would any theft,” the police captain said.

It’s unclear if there cheese was targeted or if it’s part of a bigger operation.

“I don`t even know if they knew what was in it. Maybe they thought they were getting an empty trailer,” the owner of the business where the truck was parked told WITI News.

He says there have been thefts from that lot before, and he’s installed 24-hour surveillance cameras. He and the police went through the footage Thursday morning.

“Right now we have several leads we’re following up on. It’s pretty fresh. We’ve got some things we’re following up on and working the case right now,” the police representative said.

Those with dairy-devoted hearts will recall that this is not the first time cheese has been taken: authorities in Wisconsin recovered a total of $160,000 in stolen cheese pilfered during two separate heists early in 2016.

To me, it sounds like the cheese police need Liam Neeson on retainer.

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