Ohio’s Worst Walmart Employee Steals Cash From Customer, Food From Deli In Same Day

If you’re a bad enough person to steal from a customer, it’s probably not much of a stretch to think you’d steal from your employer too. But to be caught doing both in the same day takes a special kind of stupid.

Cleveland.com has the story of a cashier at an Ohio Walmart who was recently charged with theft after being caught on camera taking cash from a customer’s wallet and taking deli food from the store without paying for it.

On Oct. 1, a customer came into the store to say she’d left her wallet behind at the cash register. Employees looked at security footage and spotted an employee putting the wallet aside, but not before taking $50 from it and putting the cash into her cigarette pouch (wait — people still carry those?).

But that’s not all. The footage also showed the employee walking back to the Walmart deli, where she placed an order. But rather than pay for her order, she hid it in a Walmart bag and left the building with it.

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