Girl Scout Troop Loses $4,500 And 6 Cases Of Cookies In Robbery Because People Are Awful

Any time you’ve got a business pulling in a lot of cash, there going to be dastardly, mustache-twirling villains lurking in the wings. And with 66% of Consumerist staff consisting of former Girl Scouts, I can say we are sorely disappointed this year to continue reporting on what will likely be a spate of crimes against Girl Scouts and their cookies.

To wit: Someone boosted $4,500 in cash and three cases of cookies from a group in Massachusetts, reports CBS Boston. The troop leader’s husband came home one day to find the front door open and the home turned upside down. The thief or thieves stole not only many of the family’s electronics, but also stole away with thousands in cookie cash and the cookies.

That’s more than a week’s worth of work by the Girl Scouts and Brownies in those troops, says the leader, including four booth sales they held while on February vacation.

“The girls make about 61 cents per box so they stole about $300 to $350 of profits from each troop,” she explained.

She thinks she might’ve been targeted specifically, that someone saw her coming or going with cookies and picked her home to rob due to the cash from likely cookie sales. But that’s not putting a damper on her troops’ spirits.

“They want to keep going,” she says of the girls. “I was expecting maybe they didn’t want to do it anymore but they’re not going to let this get them down. They want to do even more than we had planned. I’m pretty proud of them.”

She says they’ll figure out how to still do the things they wanted to with the vanished profits, but whoever stole those funds should feel awful while stuffing themselves with those ill-gotten gains.

“They should be ashamed on themselves,” the troop leader said. “They should really return that money back to those girls. They worked very hard for it and they don’t deserve it.”

Already this year someone’s pulled a gun on a Girl Scout and in another case, police nabbed thieves who’d been stealing phones from troops. Just make it stop already, please? This year can be different, people. No harming or otherwise hampering the cooking bringers. The 66% of our staff with Girl Scout roots will be especially grateful, and the others really like cookies, too.

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